jeanine-vailesOk, so, we are still on Hollywood Week of American Idol Season 8.

Group night was devastating, but over a hundred contestants are still through. Some of them were shown in this week´s recaps, some of them weren´t.

Some of them made it through, some of the ones with more TV air fell along the way, like Austin Sisneros.

Now, it´s time we, here at Series and TV, check out the so far front runners, and at least American Idol Hollywood hopefuls for another shot.

Jeanine Vailes auditioned in San Francisco, California.

Jeanine Vailes is from Sherman Oaks, California. Jeanine Vailes is 27 years old.

Check out Jeanine Vailes presentation video here

We haven´t seen much of her neither on audition episodes, nor on Hollywood first two episodes. We are hoping to watch Jeanine Vailes video soon.