jorge-nunez-mendez-american-idolOk, so, we are still on Hollywood Week of American Idol Season 8.

Group night was devastating, but over a hundred contestants are still through. Some of them were shown in this week´s recaps, some of them weren´t.

Some of them made it through, some of the ones with more TV air fell along the way, like Katrina Darrell.

Now, it´s time we, here at Series and TV, check out the so far front runners, and at least American Idol Hollywood hopefuls for another shot.

Jorge Nunez-Mendez auditioned in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Jorge Nunez-Mendez sang “My Way” in Spanish and “What a Wonderful World” in English for his audition. All four judges voted yes to send Jorge Nunez-Mendez to Hollywood where he definitely made it at least through the group round.

Jorge Nunez-Mendez is a college student from Carolina, Puerto Rico. Jorge Nunez-Mendez is 20 years old.

Check out Jorge Nunez Mendez presentation video in American Idol

Check out Jorge Nunez Mendez Audition Video Here