matt-breitzke-american-idolOk, so, we are still on Hollywood Week of American Idol Season 8.

Group night was devastating, but over a hundred contestants are still through. Some of them were shown in this week´s recaps, some of them weren´t.

Some of them made it through, some of the ones with more TV air fell along the way, like Emily Wynn Hughes.

Now, it´s time we, here at Series and TV, check out the so far front runners, and at least American Idol Hollywood hopefuls for another shot.

Then diesel, shaved-head and goateed Matt Breitzke, who’s a welder. I like him right away, hope in Hollywood he rooms with that roughneck guy. Doing “Ain’t No Sunshine”–man, he can sing! I think he’s the best guy we’ve heard so far, very soulful, wonderful tone.

Wow, Randy thinks he’s OK, just a bar singer; Kara likes him, says good natural talent, which Paula seconds, she likes the tone, too. Simon will vote yes, I think–and he does after drawing it out a bit. “I think you are really, really good, and I like your heart, and I like your ambition,” Simon says. Yeah! I’m excited about this guy, he says he’s just working people, and that this means a lot to him. Go Matt!

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