animals-talking-in-all-caps-book-reviewLet´s talk a bit about Animals Talking in All Caps.
This is a Tumblr turned book in a trend that will probably go futher the same way as blogs turned books happened. In this case, the books tries to cash in the Meme wave too, as it selects the gimmick of making animals talk, aka internet magic.

The book is very succesful in pulling its gimmick and can certainly catch everyone´s eyes in a bookshelf at a bookstore, and only due to the fact of having animal pictures talking can be a sure shot as a gift.

Wether you find the texts funny or not is just a question of personal taste, and even though I much prefer Grumpy Cat´s memes on Pinterest, I can see a lot of people prefering this kind of absurd humor with longer texts than the average meme. All in all, I think it´s a safe bet for a book to be enjoyed, and although it´s not going to get you talking with everybody about it, it will surely get you some good laughs, and after all, that´s not an underachievement whatsoever. We all need laughter, and whichever book can help us do it, it is worth reading.

Book Info

Paperback: 208 pages

Three Rivers Press (August 6, 2013)


ISBN-10: 0385347642

ISBN-13: 978-0385347648

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Review by Guillermo Paz

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