I already told you what is like to go to an NBA game if you are a basketball fan visiting Orlando and checking an Orlando Magic game, but now, let´s talk about a different angle. What happens if you are not a big fan, but instead a tourist visiting Orlando. Is it worth it to check out an NBA game?
I will tell you about my visit to the Orlando Magic for Noche Latina, which is a special ocasion, but, as per usual, the team always prepares something so the experience is good.

noche latina orlando magic nba

There are a lot of reasons to attend Orlando Magic´s Noche Latina when you Visit Orlando.
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Guillermo Paz seriesandtv.com

First of all, you will see a basketball game, played by NBA players, every team has talented players, and even though the Orlando Magic was not in contention this year, their flair for entertainment is second to none.

So here, some things that´ll help you decide to attend an Orlando Magic game when you visit Orlando.

  • Since the Magic are not in championship discussions lately, the team is also focusing on delivering entertainment value to the fans, so the attendance do not drop. If you are a tourist this can only mean good news: Focus on Entertainment Value!
  • Most nights at the Amway Center will be themed, and that means decor, jerseys, music, half time numbers and most everything targeted to honor us Latinos.
  • Being Orlando what it is, filled with entertainers, the sheer level of Halftime shows pays the ticket in itself.
  • There are lots of chances to see celebrities being courtside. Of course, not like in Los Angeles or New York, but you will see some.
  • Amway Center is also a nice dining destination, as there are full on restaurants in there that you can dine in if you don´t want to simply grab a hot dog or Wings. Being a dowtown stadium, you will also have tons of dining options in a 3 block radius.
  • Touring Amway Center is also fun, not only because of the merchandising spots or the Orlando Magic exhibition, but because there´s also an art exhibition, and an exhibition with photos and stuff from the artists who performed there.
  • When the game finishes, there´s an extra show that you can stay and enjoy some live music. The Noche Latina we were in the game, the show was José Alberto “El Canario” y su Orquesta performing all Latino classic hits.

All in all, for a ticket that starts in most games at 30 bucks, you will get 5 or maybe 6 hours of pure first class entertainment. Not bad, huh? Have you ever attended any special themed night at the Orlando Magic? Let me know your experience in the comments section. And you can also follow me on Twitter or other social media for more Travel Tips and ideas.