Austin-and-ally-cancelled-renewed-season-4-disney-channelA lot of the visitors of this site come here by simply asking Google a question, is my show safe or not, in the case of this one, they´d ask: Is Austin & Ally cancelled or renewed? Well folks, you can sigh a relief, Austin & Ally has been renewed for season four by Disney Channel, as announced this weekend by the company.

In the show about singing, songwriting, the adventures of trying to achieve one’s dreams and the friends who support you, no matter what. It follows the improbable partnership between — Austin, a nationwide musical sensation, and Ally, a multi-talented singer and songwriter who has recently overcome her shyness and become a star in her own right — and their two best friends, Trish and Dez.

Ally works in her parent’s music shop, Sonic Boom, which is the center of her musical universe, and Trish, Austin and Dez use it often as their hangout spot. Now that Austin’s Internet music video has made him a bonafide star, the gang takes part in a series of all-new adventures- whether it be on tour, in the studio or as guest judges on an on-air talent show.

To add to the mix, Ally has broken out of her shell from being just a song writer, to becoming a rising star in her own right. Now, she and Austin must learn how to find the right balance between their individual stardom and maintaining their “dynamic duo” status as a singing/songwriting team. Together, the foursome continue to navigate the ups and downs of fame, friendship and being teenagers. Though they have different and often times opposite personalities, they’re a fiercely loyal team and when they’re together, there is nothing they can’t accomplish.

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