fashioninblackAs a debut for Dayana as a Series and TV Contributor with her column called Fashion Autopsy we chose People´s Choice Awards Gala.

People’s Choice has been the place for fans to voice their opinions for decades.

Series and TV fans voted for their favourite shows but Dayana will talk fashion about three celebrities: Jennie Garth, Teri Hatcher and Sarah Edelstein.

Jennie: As blonde as always since she started out at Beverly Hills 90210. (the original one, not this one). Now she´s adding retro curly hair to her combo for her funeral dress. Was she going to an award gala or was she in an episode of Six Feet Under?

Jennie, darling, we know you grew up as the rich Rodeo Drive prom queen teenager; and then you grew up and got mature… but did you really needed to show us you can be a fifties widow?

Teri: The forever always forever chic Desperate Housewives star in a little black dress by Givenchy that flattens her figure.
The knee cut draws attention to her legs (a little skinny though) and the bussom flatters her breasts.
Black dresses can be long sleeved, who says otherwise!
Impecable hair showing her long long neck.

Lisa: My question for you… didn´t you get an appointment with the hair dresser? Or is it just that he/she hates your guts?
You are a great actress, and a sweetheart, but  one must say it: “Fashion´s not your thing”
our hair looks like a monday morning in the supermarket looking for tampoons instead of People´s Choice Awards, a show where his co-star and romantic interest Hugh Laurie won and House MD also took away the award.
The dress is too old lady gownish and her figure is hidden under it (And she´s got great booty!) She should show it. That dress is a potato bag that makes her look old, boring and sloppy.
Better luck next time Lisa!