bar-karma-current-music-studioCurrent TV’s innovative “Bar Karma,” the world’s first community-developed TV show, is inviting musicians and fans alike to create and select music that will appear in future episodes of the series, beginning, February 3rd, with the launch of The “Bar Karma” Music Studio, presented by ZYNC from American Express® on Current TV’s “Bar Karma” site.

As part of this initiative, Indaba Music, the global music community, is powering a challenge that invites musicians who are part of the growing Indaba Music community to submit their original compositions for use in particular “Bar Karma” scenes.  The first of three such Indaba challenges is for the show’s fourth episode, in which a business woman enters the bar in a scene set in the not too distant future.  Musicians are being challenged to submit music that evokes the location she has just arrived from (steamy Brazil) and that also foreshadows a shocking and mysterious event. Voting for this particular challenge will begin on Friday, February 11 on the “Bar Karma” show page.  Indaba will give its community two additional opportunities to compose original works for the series in coming weeks.  Winning entries will be used in the show, plus their creators’ names will appear in the ending credits and in a billboard at the commercial break.

In addition, music fans will have the chance to visit the Music Studio, presented by ZYNC from American Express® to play music supervisor and select their favorites from lists of tracks put up for vote by the show’s producers in ten different polls.

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