bar-karma-current-spoilers-quotes-premiereCurrent TV announced it will begin production on “Bar Karma,” the world’s first community developed television series, today, Monday, January 24, at the newly-constructed Ironbound Film Studios in Newark, NJ.  Filming for the series will run through the end of March 2011.

Set at a mystical watering hole at the edge of the universe, the series stars William Sanderson (“True Blood,” “Lost,” “Deadwood”) as James, the 20,000 year-old bartender,  Matthew Humphreys (“Obsessed,” “Big Love,” “The Forgotten”) as bar owner Doug Jones, and Cassie Howarth (“Deranged High,” “Deathclock”) as the lone waitress, Dayna.  The series answers the age-old question: “What would happen if you could change your fate?”  Set in a time traveling bar owned and operated by members of the mysterious organization Karma, Inc., each weekly episode follows a new bar patron as they enter at happy hour and must make a life-changing…and possibly world-saving …decision.

The half-hour program Bar Karma will premiere on Current TV on Friday, February 11 at 10:00 pm/9:00 pm C.

Best moments and quotes from Bar Karma Series Premiere on Current TV

Doug: You are amazing. Where have you been all my life?

Girl: You don´t want to be here when Phillip shows up

James: It will come back again. Everything does

Dayna: Listen kid, there´s a 500 years old dress code here; so put some pants on

James: You can´t keep time in a dream

James: You are a stubborn bastard

Dayna: Don´t mind James, he´s a violent alcoholic

Dayna: And where do you think he is?
James: Somewhere between the beginning and the end

Dayna: He´s gonna be a tough one
James: I know. Totally your type
Dayna: I can break him

Dayna: There´s a time for balancing the universe and a time for balancing the books

Dayna: It´s always happy hour somewhere in the universe

Doug: Seriously? As in Braveheart?

William Wallace: I ain´t changing my mind

Dayna: Doesn´t matter. Karma caught you

Doug: So now I´m a boy scout?

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