We already did the daytime clothes fashion autopsy on Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

Now it´s night time!

What did Barack and Michelle Obama wore at the Inaugural Ball?

As Always, Dayana with the review.

michellevalsMr President (It doesn´t get old saying that): Black tuxedo, shiny, simple, always elegant. The details of choosing a white bow to close the shirt strengthen the look.
Once again, the wide smile and the wife holding hand makes him look amazing. Is Barack Obama cool or what, man!

Michelle Obama: Again she opted for a light coloured dress suiting her skin tone and making her shine and look more beautiful.
A fairy tails dress, wide, vaporous, long tailed, white chiffon, one shouldered, with flowers and stones. (Well… it was a fairy tale after all).
The design is Jason Wu´s, and as every dress worn by a first lady in an Inaugural Ball dance, it will be donated to the Smithsonian National Mueseum of American History.
Yet again, light on the jewelry, and only accesorizing the suit: thin long earrings up to the neck base and some bracelets. The shoes remained annonymous.

No doubt about it… the couple´s look was very romantic… they even looked as Just Married.

What do you think about their look?