the-exes-holly-quote3In the episode that is going to air on Wednesday July 10th at 10:30 PM Holly and Haskell compete for the affections of a woman who they both want to be a girlfriend. Stuart dates a sensitive woman and Phil dates a physical one when they discover that first impressions aren’t always right. The episode has guest stars: Stacey Dash, Missi Pyle.

This season so far has been quite funny, that´s why I´m posting so many of The Exes quotes on my Pinterest feed.

Some of the best quotes from this season so far are:

Paul: I´m not a love guru, but when you find your girlfriend straddling a four story ledge to avoid you, some might consider that a red flag.

Holly: Well, since we are all mature adjusted adults… we´ll just pretend this never happened.

Holly: That explains everything… you are idiots!

Phil: I am not a selfish lover… there´s no I in orgasm.
Haskell: Well, in my marriage… there was no I in the Bedroom.

So, now, back to the episode called Trading Places… here are some of the best quotes from The Exes episode:

Eden: Not that it lessens the grief, but I heard she left me some goodies.
Holly: Alright, go get your funeral swag.

Phil: Holly, we´re guys, we´re not listeners, our ears were built to hear sports scores and beer ads and our names called out during sex.

But I really don´t want to give out too much about the episode with spoilers… so I am only doing this first scene. You´ll have to watch the rest.

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