dexter-803-7The episode just ended, and as usual, I am about to do my weekly full review article citing the best quotes and moments from Dexter´s episode. So, if you haven´t watched it yet. Beware… spoilers ahead.

The episode is What´s Eating Dexter Morgan? written by Lauren Gussis and Directed by Ernest Dickerson, Dexter continues his manhunt for the Brain Surgeon. Dr. Vogel tries to prove to Dexter that he’s perfect as a psychopath. Debra’s PTSD kicks in and she makes a desperate plea to confess to LaGuerta’s murder.


dexter-803-6Harrison: Daddy…
Dexter: Harrison?
Harrison: Daddy?
And blood on the floor? Nope, just candy.
Harrison: My tummy hurts.
Dexter: Did you eat the whole box of popsicles? (And now we start to see how Dexter´s mind first thinks of danger).

Dexter: A tiny shot of pink is all it takes to fix my son´s pain. I wish it was that easy to help Deb.

Officer: Lieutenient Morgan?
Debra: Formerly known as.
Officer: You´ve been drinking?
Debra: Is there a problem officer?

Officer: Is there someone I could call? Your brother, maybe?
Debra: No, don´t call fucking Dexter.

Deb ends up calling Quinn… trouble ahead maybe?

Debra: Don´t give me a lecture, my head hurts like a motherfucker.

Debra: Thank God for professional courtesy.

Quinn: Let me see if I can take you out of this.

Dexter: Deb´s had me on such a rollercoaster, I´m glad to be on familiar territory: Lyle Sussman cabin.

Dexter: But where´s the body?

Batista: Dex, this is our guy, Sussman.
Masuka: The Brain Surgeon.

Dexter knows he´s not the Brain Surgeon… but will he tell?

Masuka: Ah, suicide, makes our lives so much easier.
Miller: You should put that on a T-Shirt. (Finally I get to cite Detective Miller on one of my recaps).

Quinn: You can thank me later.

Debra: Thanks for the ride.
Quinn: Deb, wait.
Debra: What?
Quinn: Should I be worried?
Debra: About what?
Quinn: You.

Quinn: When I was spinning out I had a reason.
Debra: What do you mean you had a reason?
Quinn: You, dumbass. You turned down my proposal, that was my reason. So what´s yours?

Dexter: He is sending us a message. He´s watching us.

Dexter: He´s aware of me now
Vogel: I´m sorry Dexter to have dragged you into this.

Dexter: I need to get to him before he gets to me.

Dexter: It´s a pretty good reason to hold a grudge.

Quinn: Dexter, It´s about your sister.

Quinn: I´m worried about her.

Quinn: What are we gonna do?

Batista: You want a situation? Come to the cabin.

Vogel: Is alcohol an issue for her?
Dexter: I am an issue for her. She´s acting this way because of me.

Dexter: Deb found out who I am. Everything. She´s not taking it well

Vogel: You are really feeling bad.
Dexter: You are analyzing me right now, aren´t you?
Vogel: It´s so unusual
Dexter: It´s really not a good time.

Debra: Don´t look at me, I think truth is overrated.

Dexter: I heard what happened last night.
dexter-s803-quotesDebra: Fucking Quinn.
Dexter: We are both worried about you.

Dexter: I´m not freaking out. I want to help.

Dexter: How about dinner tonight? We can talk.
Debra: I don´t wanna talk to you.
Dexter: I will keep up showing up until you do.

Batista: The pursue of the Brain Surgeon is officially closed.

Dexter: The feds will never get that Deb killed El Sapo, so now I can focus on protecting Dr Vogel and myself.

Jacob: He is making it way to wasy for us.

Jacob: You can be a player if you so choose.
Debra: What makes you think I´m a player?
Jacob: First there´s Briggs, then this new friend.

Vogel: You went to see Galuzzo? You could expose us both.

Dexter: Do you have any way of protecting yourself?

Dexter: I would never kill Debra, she´s my sister. I love her.
Vogel: What exactly do you love about her?

Vogel: Why don´t you let me help her?

Vogel: Dexter, you admitted being the cause of her pain, how do you expect to be the solution?

Dexter: I can handle Deb; I´ve been doing that my whole life.

Dexter: That´s why I brought you to this hellhole, to show you that.

Dexter: You brought a lot of good to the world, Deb.

Jacob: People´s used to living in denial. It´s easier, you know.

Dexter: Why would Galuzzo be such a slob everywhere but here?

Dexter: This brain is intact, marinating in some sort of garlic sauce. Galuzzo wouldn´t waste brains by sending them to Vogel. It´s a delicacy.

Debra: I want to confess
Quinn: Confess to what?
Debra: I killed La Guerta.

Quinn: So you feel guilty you didn´t back her up.
Debra: I don´t feel guilty, I am guilty.

Debra: Joey, you have to believe me.
Quinn: Ok, I believe you.

Quinn: Your sister just confessed to killing La Guerta.
Dexter: What?

Dexter: I need you to come with me to the station.
Vogel: Something happened?
Dexter: Yes.

Dexter: I told you, I love Debra
Vogel: Not the same way she loves you. When Debra killed LaGuerta it was real, selfless love. She sacrificed everything she believed in for you. Can you see that. That´s why she needs professional help. There´s nothing else you can do.

Dexter: I can´t give up on her. I can´t.

Vogel: That was interesting.

Dexter: Thanks for calling, you did the right thing.

Dexter: Physically she´s alright, it was a very small dose. But emotionally… this is all my fault.

dexter-s803-quotesDexter: Do you really think you can help her?
Vogel: Yes.
Dexter: Ok.
Vogel: Go then. Let me do what I do.

Vogel: I can handle her.
Dexter: You don´t know my sister.

Dexter: Vogel was right, I am perfect. But only at one thing.

Dexter: I consume everyone I love.

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