Psych - Season 7In a new episode of the current season of Psych, Juliet goes undercover on a dating site while Shawn tries to contain his jealousy. Elsewhere, Gus has a new girlfriend. And, just as if those two things were not enough… Cybill Shepherd´s back as Shawn´s mom to take care of Henry.

So as usual, let´s talk about the best quotes from the episode, the nicknames used and more of the pop references.

Best Quotes and Moments from Psych S07E02 Juliet takes a Luvvah

Shawn: I am gonna move in with my dad

Gus: I need to be in love, Shawn

Gus: She´s like an indian princess who bakes pies, and I have a date with her, so suuuuuck it

Shawn: Everybody lies on the Internet. Of course she looks pretty on her profile, but when you go to the bar, you know who´s going to be waving you? The indian version of the Colonel Sanders.

Shawn: We took our first poops together. Mine was adorable, his was too formed.

Rachael: What was inappropriate was you last night telling that waitress she looked like a young Eleanor Roosevelt.

Shawn: Gus, Don´t be the B from Apartment 23

Henry: I want it back by midnight
Shawn: What am I? Cinderella?
Henry: Do you wanna make it 11:30?

Shawn: Oh my God, I´m living with my parents!

Shawn: Make it tender
Lassiter: I´m being tender.

Shawn: I did get some action off Lassiter.

Shawn: Is that “The Boy Who Could Fly”?
Nobody understtod him but Millie.

Shawn: Easy there, Debbie does Santa Barbara. technician: Who lists The Mentalist as their favourite show?
Shawn: Why would you do that? Make fun of The Mentalist.


Jules: What do you think?
Shawn: Wow… you look like you are late to a shoot of a Whitesnake video.

Shawn: You are competing with two girls who were murdered
Jules: So that´s it, I´m not that attractive. It makes me hate those girls.
Shawn: Seriously, those girls? The murdered girls?
Jules: Yeah, you are right, it´s kind of disrespectful and inappropriate that I said that.
Shawn: Actually, it´s great that you said that.

Shawn: You stay out of this Gus. Don´t be the Tom Selleck to her Paulina Porizkova.

Gus: What are you talking about?
Rachael: From Her Alibi. 1987…if anything Gus would be my James Fiorentino.

Shawn: Fly Eric, Fly High, to the stars.

Shawn: I´m sorry I accused your new girlfriend of pulling a Bride of Chucky.

Shawn: Shawn Spencer, Psychic Detective, this is my partner Immaculate Conception.

Shawn: You made out with a serial killer.
Jules: You made out with Lassiter.
Shawn: Ok, I guess that makes us even.

Shawn: Home, should be wherever you are.

Gus: Goodbye Single Gus.

Nicknames for Psych S07E02 – Juliet Takes a Luvvah

Gus: Immaculate Conception
Shawn: Goose
Jules: Helene

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