best-quotes-tbbt-big-bang-theory-season-seven-premiereArticle by Guillermo Paz

The Big Bang Theory was back for season seven already to humongous ratings, breaking its own best marks for premieres in what is complete domination by the geeks on primetime for Thursdays.
The episode, called The Hofstadter Insufficiency in which Leonard is away at sea, so Sheldon and Penny spend some time best-quotes-tbbt-big-bang-theory-season-seven-premieretogether and spill some revealing secrets. Meanwhile, Howard comes to Raj’s aid after his breakup with his girlfriend.

So, as usual, let´s review some of the best moments from it.

Best Quotes and moments from The Big Bang Theory season seven premiere

Sheldon: What was that?
Leonard: What was what?
Sheldon: This isn´t a very good connection but it sounded like someone just released a Kraken.

Sheldon: I was worried that you may be missing Leonard, and that it would cause you to have bad dreams. Like the ones you´d have if you watched Clash of the Titans right before bed.

Sheldon: Everything I say is true.

Raj: You can talk to girls now. It shouldn´t be so hard to meet someone new.

Raj: You think you are so cool because your wife is a person.

Sheldon: I want you to be happy too, just not enough to want to do anything about it.

Sheldon: Welcome to the wonderful world of 3d Chess.

Sheldon: You overestimate his importance in my life.

Penny: I get it, you are an emotionless robot.
Sheldon: Well, I try.

Howard: I heard her husband left her for a hot young undergraduate.
Raj: That´s much better than the old ugly ones.

Raj: If the fact that your husband cheated on you makes you feel unattractive, just remember penguins get cheated on, and they are adorable.

Howard: It was better when you couldn´t talk to women.

Amy: Guys are hitting on us, and not just to get to Penny.

Penny: I cannot believe we were missing that jerk.kaley-cuoco-penny-tbbt-big-bang-theory-shower-scene
Sheldon: You were.

Sheldon: Allow me to comfort you. At least you have your health.

Penny: Tell me something about you I don´t know.
Sheldon: I own nine pairs of pants.

Raj: If I were hitting on you, you´ll know it, because you´d feel uncomfortable and a little sad for me.

Leonard: That is my girlfriend, I swear to God.

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