breakout-kings-quotes-spoilers-mouths-babesI had Breakout Kings on the Must Watch List for last week, and I have it again for this week. And deservedly so. In last night´s episode of Breakout Kings, the team hunts a pedophile, and they believe he could be going to the school where he worked and where the children he’s accused of molesting attend.

Best Quotes from Breakout Kings S01E04 – Out of the Mouths of Babes

Ramsey: I´ll pick up some food on the way home, hon

Shea: So Erica or Julianne? Which one would you rather bippy di bop? I´d go with Julianne cause the quiet ones get freaky deaky

Lloyd Lowery: Don´t talk about her like that.
Shea: Oh snap, you dig Julianne

Lloyed Lowery: I feel for her psychiatry condition. It´s called Doctor – Patient empathy
Shea: It´s called “You wanna tap that booty”. Make a move doctor. If she´s that crazy, she might say yes

Charlie: Ok, you have personal issues… take a number, we all do

Father of victim: If you catch this animal, do the world a favour and kill him

Ray Zancanelli: Don´t be a wise ass

Lloyd Lowery: He is much more dangerous than we thought because I have never seen an abuse pathology like his before

Lawyer: I´m seventy six years old… when I was your age I could easily kick your ass

Lloyd Lowery: I have a quick question. Why is this very charming gentleman still alive?
Lawyer: Screw you Pee-Wee
Lloyd Lowery: I barely know him and I wanna shoot him; why didn´t Joe? he had a gun

Ramsey: I don´t hurt children. I love kids
Charlie: That´s how you guys rationalize it? Pull the trigger, I´ll be happy to die to catch a piece of grabage like you

Lloyd Lowery: You just told her to put a cork in Mount Vesubius

Charlie: Did you just call me jackass?
Lloyd Lowery: Possibly

Julianne: I do
Charlie: We didn´t just get married Julianne
Julianne: ehhh yes

Ray Zancanelli: Don´t cause any problems dumbass

Julianne: Where are you going?
Lloyd Lowery: Massachussetts, and you are driving me because mother never let me get my permit
Julianne: We can´t leave. I was deputize

Lloyd Lowery: Charlie, Ray. Ramsay´s innocent

Charlie: We catch fugiyives and we take them in, that´s all

Lloyd Lowery: Erica, you may wanna wake up for this

Lloyd Lowery: That was the emotional release I was talking about

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