Best-quotes-empire-boardwalkBoardwalk Empire finally is here, and after last sundays series premiere, we´ve got a lot to check out. First and foremost, a great show with great promise, as we expected on the ten reasons to watch Boardwalk Empire.

But now, it´s time to check out the Best Quotes from Boardwalk Empire Series Premiere

Best Quotes from Boardwalk Empire Series Premiere

  • First rule of politics, kiddo: Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
    Enoch Thompson – Steve Buscemi´s character to Jimmy, Michael Pitt´s character
  • I wanted to arres him, but he had 24 hours left. I couldn´t.
    Nucky´s brother.
  • In less than two hours liquor will be declared illegal by decree of the distinguished gentlemen of our Congress. To that beautiful ignorant bastards.
    Enoch Thompson – Steve Buscemi´s character
  • You´re fucking mermaids now?
    Man at dinner
    – Every vote counts!
    Enoch Thompson – Steve Buscemi´s character
  • Two years in the field do not prepare you for a whole lot else.
    Jimmy, Michael Pitt´s character
  • I´ll be honored to name my child after you.
    Mrs. Margaret Shroeder
    Enoch? You couldn´t possibly be so cruel.
    Enoch Thompson – Steve Buscemi´s character
  • And he took the loaf of fishes, he looked at his disciples and said: “fuck it, we´re going into the whisky business”
    The Fisherman
  • – A rose by any other name.
    Enoch Thompson
    – What the fuck does that mean?
    Read a fucking book.
    Enoch Thompson
  • Do you know who dies for their countries? Fucking rubs.
    Enoch Thompson
  • Nucky, all I want is an opportunity.
    This is America, kid. Who the fuck is stoping you?
  • When I say mutual benefits I talk about me too. I expect massive business.
  • Screaming? We were fucking Eddie, fucking!
  • I don´t like what I´m hearing.
    Maybe you shouldn´t listen to grown ups conversations.
  • Her poor father died of throat trouble. They hanged him.
  • I´m not a kid anymore.
    Killing? Grand Larceny? Does that make you a man?
  • You can´t be half a gangster Nucky, not anymore.

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