human-target-spoilers-quotes-a-problem-like-mariaHuman Target is a great action show, and last night came back with two back to back episodes. One called A Problem Like Maria, and other called Communications Breakdown.

Therefore, it´s time for us to review the Best Quotes from Human Target.

Best Quotes from Human Target S02E07 – A Problem Like Maria

Guerrero: I got someone waiting in the car… trunk

Maria: I´m going to be honest with you about one thing
Chance: That´s one more thing that I expected from you

Chance: Did you came here to see me or because you are in trouble?
Maria: Because I´m in trouble. I always want to see you

Ames: Seriously. I´ve never shown less skin in any outfit

Julio Escalante: Incluso en un cuarto lleno de cosas hermosas usted se destaca por completo

Maria: How come your name is Guerrero and you don´t speak spanish
Guerrero: None of your business. I don´t talk about my private life. Ever
Maria: I didn´t realize your name is so private

Guerrero: Do me a favor. Don´t let him see that look in your face. At least not when his life is on the fence

Maria: Wish me luck
Guerrero: Don´t blow it

Chance: She´s not my girlfriend
Ames: Even I can tell you like that chick

Maria: Chance. Diego Garcia is my husband
Ames: Oh
Guerrero: That is so cold

Guerrero: Whatever you need bro. But I ain´t doing it for her

Guerrero: Ames, get off the plane
Ames: What? What do you mean?
Guerrero: Just in case it gets scary and I need your help. So you can translate genius
Ames: You know. You can mock me all you want. I´m not the one who can´t speak spanish

Julio Escalante: Señora Pucci, I think we can find good use for these handcuffs

Guerrero: What? I told you
Ames: Yeah, but I assumed it was your doom and gloom prediction

Winston: You gotta admit things have gone a little out of hand

Winston: What can I say? Better late than dead

Guerrero: Well, at least you got to fire the rocket launcher

Best Quotes from Human Target S02E08 – Communications Breakdowhuman-target-spoilers-quotes-communication-breakdownn

Chance: Contract? I didn´t sign a contract
Ilsa: You Did

Chance: Can we agree that if we have to eat each other up once we hit down there, that she goes first?

Ilsa: So, what do we do?
Chance: Oh, now you are interested in my opinion

Harry: Do you believe that something like that happens to someone?
Guerrero: To you? Yes

Ilsa: What, you actually gonna let me have the last word?

Winston: I´m gonna go out on a limb and say that you don´t speak arminian

Chance: I can´t see
Ilsa: Give me your hand

Chance: Life is a life. You take one and the party is gone

Chance: Not bad for a blind guy, eh?

janet-montgomery-hot-photo-ames-human-targetIlsa: We´ll have to be careful People may think we are actually starting to become friends

Winston: Why not use your own belt?
Guerrero: I´m not wearing a belt
Winston: Why not?
Guerrero: My pants fit

Guerrero: Is the distraction ready?
Ames: Ok, two things. First of all, I don´t like being referred to as the distraction, and second; I think this is a stupid idea, but yes, I´m ready

Ames: Does anybody have a shirt I could borrow (And that little hot Janet Montgomery playing Ames enters in a bikini. See photo)

Guerrero: You are also bad at reading chicks, dude

Ilsa: You said you wanted him here. That´s exactly what you are gonna get

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