tbbt-quotes-workplace-proximity-meme-big-bang-theoryThe easiness with which The Big Bang Theory leads night in and night out the ratings is not even funny, the show is, though, so that´s why we are listing the best quotes from each episode after it airs. And now it´s time for The fifth episode of the season, called The Workplace Proximity, where Amy takes a job at Sheldon’s university, putting their relationship to the test.

Best Quotes from The Big Bang Theory S07E05 – The Workplace Proximity

Penny: Awkward silence, Sheldon´s on the phone, nobody is touching anything. Somebody is having Date Night!
Amy: It´s actually steamier than it looks: Sheldon is looking up the falic symbolism of root vegetables in Renaissance paintings.

Amy: There´s the vulgar adage that one shall not defecate where one eats.

Sheldon: It´s a brave new world little lady.

Raj: What started as a Pap Smear turned into a date, which turned into her working there, which turned into marriage, which then turned into hatred which continues to this day.

Penny: That´s right! My phone is as intelligent as you guys.

Bernardette: He´s never gonna stop doing that is he?
Amy: I´m hoping to put his love of repetition to good use some day.

Bernardette: I have to have a talk with my husband.

Sheldon: Howard, if you are gonna lie to your wife don´t start the sentence with Sheldon misunderstood. That´s a dead giveaway.

Howard: For the love of God why!

Raj: There are only two options now: To fake a heart attack or to really have one.

Sheldon: Oh Sweden. Home of my favorite Muppet and my second favorite meatball.

Sheldon: Maybe your friend Gunderson needs to head over to IKEA and assemble a sense of humor.

Sheldon: Can you believe she said I embarassed her?
Penny: Yeah.

Bernardette: Last week you went to a couple´s massage.

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