quotes-robin-williams-crazy-onesI gave the show the pilot as a first chance, without coverage as not to be too anything just based on first impressions. Now I know that I like some things about the show, and I see there are some to improve. Among the things I like, the chemistry between Simon and Zach, not so much the father daughter thing just yet, but hey, they are two heck of actors, so they´ll get there. So, now, after episode two of The Crazy Ones I am ready to start this article with the best quotes from the show.

Best Quotes from The Crazy Ones with Robin Williams

Andrew: They are models, they don´t know what anything means.

Zach: Hi, I´m Zach.
Carly: We went out a month ago.
Zach: And it was wonderful

Simon: I wanted to see what they would do.

Zach: We did it buddy; as a team.
Andrew: Then why did you get the jacket?

Zach: Andrew thinks Simon likes me best.

Simon: Honey, the timing for this disappointed tone is when I am making these poor decisions.

Simon: You are playing it safe, the best things from life come when you don´t play it safe.

Zach: I already explained how me sleeping with the girl who liked the jacket is a victory for both of us.
Andrew: I still can´t see it.

Lauren: Why is she upset?
Simon: I was right.

Andrew: That, my friend is jealousy

Simon: There´s no shame in failing, there´s only shame in not giving things your best shot.

Simon: Andrew, release the Quakens

The Crazy Ones S01E03 – Bad Dad

SMG: That poor girl is getting dumped and she didn´t see it coming.

SMG: There goes Andrew, he sweeps in faster than a pimp on a runaway.

Andrew: What is this? Looks like the number of a young lady who´s about to make a regret.

Andrew: It´s not my fault I have a gift for conforting emotional women. I´m one of seven sisters.

SMG: I´m trying to be here for you, but it´s not easy.

Lorna: You are Zach´s Remora.

Lorna: I´m doing my thing of saying what´s on my mind.

Robin Williams: So the mug you gave me about me being the best dad in the world is a lie? Do all my mugs lie?
the best dad is a lie? Do all my mugs lie?

Andrew: Start sleeping with your two eyes open.
Lorna: Like a Shark.
Andrew: Not like a shark, like a person who sleeps with the eyes open.

Lorna: Andrew is fighting his instincts and winning, by losing.
Robin Williams: It´s like a buddhist in a casino.

The Crazy Ones S01E04 – Breakfast Burrito Club

Sydney: My dad forced me to take the week off. He said that if I showed up he authorized security to tase.

Simon: Are you excited about your lesbian adventure?
Sydney: It is women´s adventure group

Sydnet: Their motto is “We put the “V” in Adventure”, but they said every orientation is welcome.
Zach: Oh, you will be very welcome.

Sydney: But she is so bossy!
Andrew: So are you, and I like you.

Zach: I have a date with some girl.
Andrew: Does “some girl” have a name?
Zach: They all have.

Sydney: Everybody gets to stay and work and I have to go to Hawaii
Andrew: Do you even hear yourself?

Lauren: Oh my God you like her.
Zach: I don´t like her.
Andrew: You better be in love with her after that pointless story you made us hear.
Simon: Zach, don´t lie to us!

Zach: Not the creativity binder!
Simon: Oh the Binder de los Muertos!

Sydney: Only insane people and gypsies were cardigans. He´s back with Nancy

Andrew: How can you hate someone you don´t know?
Simon: Don´t know Hitler, don´t like him.

Simon: I can´t help to feel a tiny whisp of responsibility.

Sydney: You were literally playing with matches.

Fireman: I am legally required to ask you if you are sexually aroused by fires.
Simon: Depends, every fire is different.

Andrew: Everything is so weird now.

Lauren: I have an uncle who finds people, just say the word.

Simon: So she´s not the one, but at least you had your first like.

Sydney: Am I a cheat?

Zach: Adultery and breakfast together at last.

Sydney: I feel compelled to grab a can.
Andrew: I am not a toy… do it again, give me a chance to clench.

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