HouseOfCards_S2_Still7What a best way to live love than to share a marathon of one of the best shows these days? One that made Netflix take its first few awards after a first season for the memories! Or, if you are single, instead of spending a Valentine´s Day alone you can spend it with Frank and Claire.

Since it´s just a little little wait until the premiere of the second season of House of Cards on Netflix, I have a ton of new images from the show for you to devour while anticipating the comeback, but also I have some very interesting GIFs.

I know you will enjoy them a lot, but I want you to start theorizing on what will happen on the second season of House of Cards.

Is everything going to be quiet? You know it´s not; but exactly what can we expect? Start taking a look at all this pictures and cinemagraph gifs and you will be able to pick up a clue or two on what the plotline for the second season will be.

And keep counting down the days. After all, House of Cards season two premieres February 14th on Netflix.

Let me know your thoughts. And you can follow me on Twitter for more scoop.


House-of-cards-gif-season-2 House-of-cards-gif-season-2