biscuit-for-your-thoughts-dog-philosophy-darlow-book-reviewIn this meme world we are currently living, this book fits perfectly; specially as a holiday gift. Filled with dog photgraphs by Andrew Darlow, the book tries to put words to dogs and show what they are really thinking.
Following the lines of other microbooks I reviewed already, this won´t make for a long read, but instead for a fun gift. It may take you a full hour to read the whole book; but it will be probably a shareable book, or something you´ll have at hand so when someone comes you show it.
I´d say it´s a great option for this year´s Christmas Tree. There´s always someone in our family who´s a dog person. It´s a sure shot there.

A clear example of dog philosophy is:

“If Life closes a door, bark until someone opens it again”.

Every phrase has its own accompanying picture. I´d wish the pics were a closer match to the phrase though. But all in all, it´s a sure bet for this holiday season.

“Never trust mailmen, groomer or vaccum cleaners”

Book Info:

September 2014
Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-61243-357-8
100 Pages

How to buy it? Visit this link.

I want to thank folks at Ulysses Press for sending me this book. I hope you continue sending me those. My review was unbiased by the gift.

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