Burn-Notice-midseason-finale-spoilers-quotes-fail-safeThe plot thickens, Michael Westen is bringing in more dangerous people to help him against Anson. And now, Tensions reach a boiling point in this action-packed season conclusion. Michael and the gang move closer to ending Anson once and for all, but with a new CIA mission on the radar will Michael be able to close the deal?

The show is full with super guest stars: Jere Burns, Lauren Stamile, Dean Cain, Eric Roberts and Kristanna Loken.

You can watch the midseason finale of Burn Notice Thursday December 15th 10/9 C on USA, and while at it, (on eastern time) Bruce Campbell will be chatting with the fans in #BruceChatter Burn Notice Character Chatter.

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Best Quotes and Spoilers from Burn Notice Midseason finale – Fail Safe

Michael: Sam, I´m doing whatever it takes. I´m not gonna let a couple of security guards stop me

Fiona: I´m going with you

Fiona: If Anson doesn´t back out if his plans, I´m ending this. Blackmail or no blackmail.

Michael: I know that you are trying to rebuild the organization that burned me. That ends today.
Anson: You are in no position to make threats Michael
(Fiona shoots)
Michael: Believe me, I´m serious
Anson: Listen Michael, you are about to make a big mistake. Don´t do this. Not now.

Anson: I tell you what. We will forget this ever happened.
Michael: This isnt over
Anson: It will be, Michael, very soon

Sam: Be careful, I don´t want you getting crushed before we cross the finish line

Fiona: I don´t just blow things up. I do have other skills

Michael: If I couldn´t work with women, I´d be dead right now

Michael: When you can´t use explosives, sometimes you have to be creative. If you find utility equipment that is built to the wall, you just need a couple thousand foot pounds of torque to make yourself a door.

Sam: Put that away. Sorry about the mess, but we gotta talk.

Sam: Ok, fine, we´ll leave the paper clips

Fiona: First of all, we will be protecting you, second of all, you don´t have a choice

Sam: It´s just luck that Fi an I aren´t dead

Fiona: I can handle myself
Sam: I´m with Fi on this one, Mike… the consecuences…
Michael: The consecuences are bad no matter what I do

Fiona: There has to be a line
Michael: There is no line when it comes to you

Michael: I can´t lose you

Fiona: What are you doing?
Michael: I´m buying time, I can´t let you do this

Michael: When the plane explodes
Pierce: Damned, Westen

Is Fiona going to jail forever?

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