burn-notice-out-of-the-fire-recap-spoilers-michael-westen-quotesOne of the best spy shows ever came back few weeks ago with an episode called Eyes Open, and tonight, Burn Notice aired a whole new episode called Out of the Fire in which Brennan vows to release valuable data; Michael must try to turn the tables

Take a good read on this episode spoilers, since I´m not doing the spoilers for Burn Notice fourth season finale, so everyone´s safe until they´ve watched it.

Best Quotes from Burn Notice S04E17 Out of the fire

Sam: We´ve all been there. Even Michael

Jesse: So I´m supposed to sit on the sidelines and lie to the only people looking for the truth, Ok. Sounds like a Michael Westen plan to me

Sam: He´ll get over it Mike

Brennan: This list of people who burned you is very promising. Talk about some valuable targets

Sam: Are you here to take a victory lap?
Brennan: Little bit, but it´s mostly business

Michael: You want me to kill the people on the list
Brennan: Ding ding ding Michael Westen. You get revenge, I get money. Everybody goes home a winner

Brennan: Your job is to turn this number into an ID and that ID into a corpse

Brennan: I´m gonna go out in a limb here and say Sam that you are not the brains behind this operation

Sam: Don´t take my silence for confusion Brennan. I was just trying to kill you with my mind

Sam: That was lovely Larry. Have you ever considered writing poetry?

Sam: Good luck with your murders to be Mike

Maddie: Who kicked your dog?

Jesse: I feel this is my fault

Michael: So you are employee number two

Larry: What in the hell happened to you?
Michael: My was is just as fun

Larry: You didn´t answer my question
Michael: You are the boss Larry
Larry: That´s right

Michael: If you kill him then he´s dead
Brennan: That is usually how it goes

Larry: That guy is kind of a dick

Fiona: Who says we are using the door?

Fiona: I know your sign says closed, but do you mind if we talk?

Larry: You know what´s your problem Brennan? Other than this knife in your chest?

Larry: It´s time for this little baby bird to come back to the nest. Only this time he´s flying solo

Larry: Now you, me and big mouth body will go on

Larry: It´s a bum that we have to drag this guy around when all we need is his hand. Gee, I would love a bonesaw

Fiona: Every second counts

Michael: If you can´t get into a safe fast enough, you can blow the wall and take it with you

Sam: The next one makes you dead and me smile. And I wanna smile, Larry. I really, really wanna smile

Michael: You wanna know the difference between you and me? I do know you. You only think you know me

Fiona: The only time we talk about our future is when somene is coming to end it

Sam: So, the gates of hell with open
Jesse: And the Apocalypse will be upon us
Fiona: And everyone we know and love will become in danger of becoming very dead
Maddie: So, what else is new?
Michael: Everybody should try and get some sleep. Tomorrow´s gonna be a long day

Recap from Burn Notice S04E17 Out of the fire

Recap by WerewolfBarmitzvah

Sam tells Michael the FBI is tracking every move he makes and are following every phone call he makes. Michael wants to get the list to someone in the government with some serious clout. Sam asks Maddy to strongarm her old buddy on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Cowley. She’s already upset that she was moved to a motel and placed in a non-smoking room. Vaughn calls Michael and says they should meet. Vaughn tells Michael he gave him a chance to be his friend, “now you’re going to see what its like having me for an enemy — and so is your friends, and so is your family.”

Michael considers hiding the list inside a nuclear power plant, which is heavily guarded.

Sam takes Maddy to a Cowley event. She tells him to get to the docks around the back of the place. Maddy sneaks her way into the event.

Michael and Fi work to create an explosion on a water line to disrupt the flow of traffic to the nuclear plant in order to hide the list. Fiona wonders what Michaels end game is, and what the prefers outcome might be, but their conversation is interrupted when Jesse tells them Vaughn’s men are in the area. A chase ensues and when Michael’s Charger is shot up beyond its use, he attaches one of Fi’s explosives to it and jumps into her car. The eruption blocks Vaughn’s guys, but only momentarily. Fi, Michael and Jesse crash and Jesse is impaled by a metal rod. He pulls it out and they leave the scene of the crash and go into an empty, not-yet-completed hotel. It’s suddenly three against an unknown several and Michael reminds us that seiges dont make good stories because the smaller group won, it’s usually because they put up a good fight before being killed.

A gunsfight ensues and Fi gets upset with Michael because he said earlier that this was his fight and not hers. Still, she’s caught in the middle of it, and so is Jesse. Michael makes a makeshift splint for Jesse and they walk to another part of the hotel. Vaughn is outside and calls Michael, who tells him that if he wants the list he has to come in and get it.

Fiona and Jesse find some catering equipment to use as explosives and whips up a dish of destruction. Jesse asks Fi whats going on with her and Michael, and she says she thought all the spy business would pass, but it is his life. Jesse tells her you don’t “get involved with someone like Michael Westen hoping hes going to buy a house on the lake, settle down.” Vaughn and his men walk in.

Maddy gets a moment with Cowley at his even and pulls him aside. She convinces him to go outside with her. Sam talks to Cowley about a covert network operating within in the government. Cowley thinks it’s ridiculous and mocks the idea of the list, but Sam tells him that Barrett’s murder in Miami was all about the list.

At the hotel, Fi makes a big blast to throw off some of Vaughn’s men. Michael is on the roof and takes out one of Vaughn’s guys after an intense hand-to-hand fight. He takes the mans vest and tells him to zip tie his own hands. Michael realizes he’s dodging a sniper, and he winds up rappelling down the side of the building, using the man he beat up as his counterbalance, and Michael lands inside the hotel on a lower floor.

A long line of copes are on their way to the hotel when a black car stops them and a guy diverts all the law enforcement away. Vaughn calls and tells him one of the guys on the list works for Homeland Security and told all the cops they were doing a training exercise at the hotel. Michael tries to devise a new plan to get them out of the hotel while Vaughn is waiting outside. He says he hopes Sam is doing his job.

Sam is talking to Cowley, trying to convince him to take a chance on the list being legit. Cowley makes a call. Cowley tells Sam this is “delicate,” and he needs to take his time. Just then, Cowley gets a call and tells Sam there’s a threat against his life and the cops are on the way to take him into protective custody. Sam tells him the cops might be taking him away because Sam let him in on the secret about the list. Cowley is convinced and goes with Sam.

At the hotel, Michael and Fi make a bomb out of fertilizer, and they only have one chance to make it work right. Theyre going to set off the explosion and head down the elevator shaft. First, they have to lure Vaughn and his men to the top of the hotel. Fi calls Vaughn and offers to make a deal: the list for their lives. She tells him to come to the top of the hotel, but says she wants Michael unhurt.

Sam and Cowley are trying to sneak around the local cops and Sam tells Cowley to talk to his buddies in the military.

Vaughn calls Fi again and tells her that he and his men are headed up to the top of the hotel, but that he brought along a bit of leverage: Michael’s mom. This puts a big kink in the plan to blow up the stairwell.

Michael asks to talk to Maddy. Vaughn hands her the walkie-talkie and she tells Michael they shot her and yells at him to run. Vaughn tells Michael shes fine, but Michael says he’ll come down to talk. Vaughn says he’ll believe it when he sees it.

Michael makes a new plan to get over to an outbuilding and draw Vaughn’s men’s fire to give Fi and Jesse a chance to get out of the hotel with the list. Fi says its a suicide mission, but he says he has no choice. Michael gives Jesse the list and tells him hes truly sorry for what he did in getting him burned.

Michael makes a run for it and jumps into the small outbuilding, dodging bullets the entire way. When Jesse and Fi see Michael made it to the building, they start to run. But before they get out, Fiona decides to go back with Michael. When she dives into the small building with Michael, he shouts, “What the hell are you doing here?”

They have another argument while trying to shoot back at Vaughn’s guys. They run out of bullets and just when they’re ready to detonate themselves, the military rushes in with explosives and Vaughn’s men are ordered to get down.

Vaughn is arrested and tells Michael they “could have been a good team.” Michael says he already has a team. He thanks his mom for hanging in there. Jesse hands Michael the list with a subtle handshake just before a guy in a suit walks up and tells him he needs to talk to him. Michael gives Fi a kiss and walks away.

Michael is in the back of a car and asks the guys he’s with where they’re going. The man says he isn’t authorized to answer questions. Michael asks for water and the man says no. When they get to their destination, the guy hands Michael an overcoat. Michael gets out of the car, and there’s snow on the ground. Another man in a suit walks out of the building and up to Michael outside and says, “Welcome back.” He shakes his hand and welcomes Michael into the building. The camera pans out and we see that they’re in Washington, D.C.

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