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Guillermo Paz onto Drama, Quotes
Guillermo Paz onto Psych, Quotes
Guillermo Paz onto How I Met Your Mother, Quotes
Pulpo Great addition! Is it you? If it´s you congrats. Also, youpve been around for quite some time in acting business! See ya
Benton Here's some trivia for ya on this episode.... The game show contestant, Jordan, is Hopkins on "Safety Geeks: SVI">.
Guillermo Paz onto Burn Notice, Quotes
Guillermo Paz onto 30 Rock, Quotes
Guillermo Paz Thanks for the clarification
ERic polite correction: Liz says, "I am the MentaLiz!" (she mentioned 'the mentalist' sentences earlier). Anyone have the Pantyhose quote from the beginning?
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Guillermo Paz onto Psych, Quotes, Spoilers
Guillermo Paz onto Modern Family, Quotes
limo london As much as I like both Claire and Gloria, their story falls flat for me despite some funny moments..great...
Guillermo Paz onto How I Met Your Mother, Quotes
Guillermo Paz onto Dexter, Quotes