fairly-legal-spoilers-quotes-premiere-usaFolks at USA Network, as I usually call them; the can´t miss network are launching a new original series to join their roster of must watch: Burn Notice, Psych, Royal Pains, In Plain Sight, Covert Affairs, White Collar, Law & Order Criminal Intent.

I am always happy when a good show premieres, and if it is in a Network I´m sure will give it enough room as to evolve, even better.

Kate whistling on Fairly Legal will soon become show´s trademark. Mark my words!

Fairly Legal premieres January 20th, 10/9 C on USA.

What is Fairly Legal About? Plot

Well, as I said, now they are launching Fairly Legal, a show that stars Sarah Shahi (“Life,” “The L Word”) Michael Trucco (“Battlestar Galactica,” “Castle”), Virginia Williams (“Revenge of the Bridesmaids,” “How I Met Your Mother”) and Baron Vaughn (“The Other Guys,” “Law & Order”).  Shot on location in Vancouver, BC, the series will premiere with a 90-minute episode followed by nine, one-hour episodes.

FAIRLY LEGAL centers on Kate Reed (Shahi), a top litigator who became frustrated with the endless bureaucracy and injustice she witnessed on a daily basis and decided to become the ultimate anti-lawyer:  a mediator.  Using her knowledge of the law, along with intuition and a whatever-it-takes approach to resolving conflict, Kate finds the middle ground for a wide variety of adversaries — from Fortune 500 corporations to bitter divorcees.  After the death of her father, she finds herself at odds with her new boss, her stepmother Lauren (Williams)…and in bed with her soon-to-be ex-husband Justin (Trucco), himself a lawyer in the DA’s office.  Helping her keep all of this chaos at bay is her trusted, geek-chic assistant Leonardo (Vaughn).

Recurring guest stars include Richard Dean Anderson (“Stargate SG-1,” “MacGyver”) in the role of David Smith, a man who has a mysterious connection to Kate’s late father; Ethan Embry (“Brotherhood,” “House, M.D.”) portrays Spencer, Kate’s younger brother and a new father; and Gerald McRaney as Judge Nicastro, who has no tolerance for Kate’s lack of regard for the legal establishment.  Other guest stars this season include Ken Howard, Peter MacNicol, Clyde Kusatsu and Anne-Marie Johnson.

Preview and Spoilers of Fairly Legal Series Premiere

After the sudden death of her father, San Francisco mediator Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi) must work with her stepmother (Virginia Williams) – who’s the same age — to keep his firm alive by resolving a dispute between a clothing magnate (guest star Ken Howard) and his son (guest star Patrick Gilmore), who’s due to inherit the business, and hiding a dark personal secret which could ruin an innocent boy’s life.
Guest starring Ethan Embry and Gerald McRaney

The show opens with a Golden Gate image… making us dive into the story right away. It is set in San Francisco. Right. Now I know. A boat… a girl sleeping. It takes us less than ten second to meet Kate Reed, portrayed by Sarah Shahi. It takes her a lot more to wake up than for us to realize she´s not having the best relationship with her stepmother as possible, since her ID caller read Wicked Witch when she calls. But she won´t take the call. We learn about the other relationship… with a lawyer she just spent the night with, despite of their no sex and if sex no sleepover deal.
Still very early we learn about the recent death of her father. And a couple moments later we get to see her negotiation skills when she stops a robbery and avoids the shop owner to end up with a bullet, and the thief to get beaten up by the owner.
There´s all I can tell you in the form of Fairly Legal Premiere Spoilers.
You´ll need to watch the Fairly Legal Series Premiere, January 20th 10/9 C on USA Network, after Royal Pains season premiere.

Best Quotes from Fairly Legal Series Premiere

Kate: 5,75? For coffe and a cookie?
Coffe Shop Owner: It´s Organic

Kate: Now that my dad is dead… you are still my evil stepmother or just the evil managing partner?

DeShaun: Gun wasn´t loaded
Kate: It doesn´t matter if the gun was chocolate

Spencer: Because if a guy´s gonna lie about anything; it´s about a woman. Your Doug rather face a judge, than face his wife.

Spencer: I thought mediators were supposed to solve problems

Kate: It´s easy to be judgemental when you grow up with wealth

Kate: You pick up hookers a lot?

Leonard: Hi, it´s Leonardo. I need some information.

Kate: Once again, I´m glad I´m not you.

Kate: I hate you. It´s simpler that way.

Kate: Is that you? The Dwarf?

Leonard: Well, I am the master.

Lauren: What´s that?
Client: Extra mile.

Kate: Smash the watch. Get even.

Kate: This is so much bigger than you.

Kate: I have this little thing called a job, you know?
Andrew: Nope. I don´t.

So, what do you think about Fairly Legal Series Premiere? Will you watch Fairly Legal Series Premiere January 20th 10/9 C on USA? If you like good procedural shows with a twist… you should.

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