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Guillermo Paz onto Breakout Kings, Dog Whisperer, Psych
Psych Season Six Premiere Shawn rescues Darth Vader spoilers, quotes pop references and nicknames [...] and I can´t be more excited about it, since it is probably the best show around (at least among those never getting the nod as that); and also, because I had an interview with James Roday and Dule Hill where they talked to me about [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls, Dog Whisperer
Eva Buen dia :) I am a recent Social Work graduate and am taking my dog to Petsmart in order to get him certified for Animal Therapy. Are there any Traininng Cesars Way Programs in the San Antonio, TX area? My dog is a beautiful boxer named TEXAS and is almost 90lbs. He is a great dog for our military family. However, he is not dog socialized and I have trouble taking him to the dog park and walking/training him when we encounter other dogs on the street. The trainer at Petsmart told me to trust my dog more, but it is hard since I sometimes have to use all my physical and mental strength to hold him back. He is an awesome dog and I would hate for him not to be able to participate in any kind of therapy if he does not play nice with other dogs. It's primarily younger dogs he has issues with. He is good with neutral dogs. If you can please let me know if there's any Traininng Cesars Way Programs near I would really appreciate it. Thank you!:)
Eva When is the Dog Whisperer coming to Texas?