Ok, last time something strange happened. Casey Abramas was in the bottom, but was saved by the judges without even singing.

Well, now it´s time to check out if Twitter can predict results on American Idol, Week 4 edition.

We posted where to follow each American Idol finalist on Twitter, I made a theory about Twitter predicting American Idol´s winner and eliminations.

So, how do they stand now?

American Idol Finalists ranked by Twitter followers (as of March 31)

Scotty McCreery 52067
Casey Abrams 50989
Paul McDonald 42661
Lauren Alaina 36548
Pia Toscano 36263
James Durbin 35251
Thia Megia 33865
Stefano Langone 31921
Jacob Lusk 20961
Haley Reinhart 20839
Naima Adedapo 16208

American Idol Finalists ranked by Twitter followers growth (as of March 31)

Scotty McCreery 7942 18%
Casey Abrams 9040 22%
Paul McDonald 6897 19%
Lauren Alaina 5314 17%
Pia Toscano 5795 19%
James Durbin 6509 23%
Thia Megia 4549 16%
Stefano Langone 4897 18%
Jacob Lusk 3145 18%
Haley Reinhart 4290 26%
Naima Adedapo 2494 18%

If you look at the numbers,Casey and Haley dating rumours might have helped them both, since they have the best percentage growth (Haley) and the most new followers overall (Casey… in his case, last week´s stunt had something else to do, too)

If I have to base myself on last night´s performances. Naima is a goner, by Twitter and by performance.

Thia and Stefano may join her in the bottom three, with both Naima and Thia as the ones going.

My wild card being Jacob to be down there.

Twitter predicts: Naima and Thia eliminated on American Idol double elimination.

What do you think? Can Twitter predict American Idol results? What else can it predict?

Let me know in the comments section.

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Next week, we´ll be doing thw analysis for American Idol results top 9.