tosh.o cancelled renewed by comedy centralIt´s probably the most recent near juggernaut status show for Comedy Central to say the least; and a very solid entertaining show for tuesdays nights, so that´s reason enough for Comedy Central to renew Tosh.0 for season four. After all, it is Comedy Central’s most-watched and highest-rated series.

It´s whooping numbers include a huge 4.2 million viewers, and 2.9 million in the adult demo; making Tosh.0 also the No. 1 show on all of television on Tuesday nights among men 18-34 and men 18-24. So who wouldn´t renew Tosh.0 for season 4? Well, Comedy Central certainly renewed Tosh.0 to help “Daniel (because he) is still trying to figure out what his show is, and we thought it would only be right to give him another season to work it out, especially since so many millions of people are watching it,” as Kent Alterman, Comedy Central’s head of original programming said in a statement.

Who, on his/her right mind would not renew Tosh.0? Everybody would… And well, it happened. Tosh.0 got renewed for season four consisting of 26 episodes that´ll air in 2012.

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