The-Joy-Behar-Show-cancelled-renewed-hlnThis one I skipped when it happened a couple of weeks ago, but now I have to post it to keep updated the renewed shows on 2011 and all the cancelled shows on 2011lists.

This time HLN cancels The Joy Behar show after two seasons, and it hasn´t been a good month for talk shows, since, as we can remember The Nate Berkus show got cancelled too, sadly; and now The View´s co-host loses her gig in her own talk show, whilst she´ll still be on The View.

Said Joy Behar about her show´s cancellation: “I am very proud of the show that we created at HLN, and I owe a tremendous thanks to the show team who made it possible.”

The Joy Behar show gets cancelled, and the ratings of the show cannot be considered the main reason, since it was posting solid numbers on its 9 AM timeslot, and also managed to keep good numbers at 10AM, even going against Dr Drew.

It appears to be that HLN cancelling The Joy Behar Show has to do with the election year ahead, and trying to pair up political shows to go against MSNBC and Fox News.

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