hebburn-cancelled-renewed-bbc-two-second-seasonAnother show that comes from over the Ocean to join the lists of renewed shows of 2013 and cancelled shows of 2013. In this case, from BBC Two, as it renews Hebburn for a second seasonSeason two of Hebburn will consist of six episodes and a Christmas special set to air in 2013.

Starring Jim Moir and Gina McKee, series one won critical acclaim and opened to an audience of more than two million. It is created by Geordie stand-up Jason Cook and produced by Channel X and Baby Cow Productions.

Hebburn is Jason’s home town and this warm, true-to-life comedy based on his own experiences of growing up in the North East tells the story of the Pearson family and their son, Jack (Chris Ramsey) who has married a middle class Jewish girl, Sarah (Kimberley Nixon). With series one ending with a second ‘wedding’ ceremony that was abruptly ended when father Joe (Jim Moir) had a stroke, the family faces an uncertain future. Sarah’s pregnant, Jack’s in a new job as Editor of the Hebburn Advertiser and his sister Vicki (Lisa McGrillis) has rekindled her relationship with pub singer Gervaise (Neil Grainger).

Jason says: “I’m obviously proper over the moon about the second series. Series one was so well received that we always had hopes of getting re-commissioned but now it’s real! And having a Christmas special really is the icing on the cake; I got quite giddy when I was told we’d got that. There’s loads planned for ‘Hebburn 2.0’ and we can’t give anything away although I can say that we are finally going to find out what Winny did.”

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