Brooke Shields, Kim Raver and Lindsay Price´s show, Lipstick Jungle, a look at the lives of Nico, Wendy, and Victory — three of “New York’s 50 Most Powerful Women,” according to The New York Post is sailing through season 2… but Lipstick Jungle is getting cancelled.

A very recent article from TV Guide says so: After months of speculation, Lipstick Jungle is officially canceled, according to star Brooke Shields.

“It was going to stay and we just were officially told it’s finally not coming back,” Shields, who played movie exec Wendy Healy, told E! “I think a lot of people were really sad, but I think we hung on a really long time. It was three great years that we’ve been working on it.”

NBC has not officially announced the show’s cancellation, but a source confirmed Shields’ version of the story.