brotherhood-gets-cancelled-by-showtimeWe are reviewing all the cancelled shows for this season. And although it´s not official that Brotherhood  gets cancelled
Things hadn´t looked good for Brotherhood for a while… and everything was pointing towards Brotherhood being cancelled for good

And now, Brotherhood is cancelled by Showtime… I liked the show though…

News that the ax had officially dropped was first reported when discovered that the season-three discs were to be branded “the final season.” Circa May, the network declined to confirm or deny the show’s future (or lack thereof).

Brotherhood is an American television drama series created by Blake Masters. Produced and almost entirely written by Masters and Henry Bromell, the series was broadcast by the premium cable network Showtime in the United States. Brotherhood premiered on July 9, 2006 and ended on December 21, 2008. The show consists of three seasons and 29 episodes.

Set in Providence, Rhode Island, where it also was produced, the series revolves around the Irish-American Caffee brothers and their friends, family and colleagues. Tommy (Jason Clarke) is a local politician; Michael (Jason Isaacs) is a professional criminal involved with New England’s Irish Mob.

Brotherhood received widespread critical acclaim—with critics particularly praising Masters and Bromell’s nuanced writing and the central performances of Clarke and Isaacs—but did not attract a large audience. The show won a Peabody Award.

What is Brotherhood About? – Plot

Brotherhood was created by New England-native Blake Masters. Prior to creating the series, Masters made a living selling screenplays to film studios; however, he never got an original project produced. Brotherhood was initially conceived as an idea for a feature film; the premise was inspired by the real-life Bulger brothers from Massachusetts: William M. Bulger was a prominent state politician and his brother, James J. Bulger, was the alleged leader of the Irish-American crime family Winter Hill Gang. After some input, Masters decided to adapt it into a television series, reasoning that “the dynamic between the brothers was sustainable and compelling.” Masters presented the idea to premium cable network Showtime, who were immediately receptive and financed the production of a pilot episode. After the pilot had been shot, it was shown to the Showtime executives, who ordered an entire season. Because of Masters’ inexperience in producing television, Showtime executives asked him to find someone to help him spearhead the project. Masters, a fan of Homicide: Life on the Street, suggested Henry Bromell, who had previously worked on Homicide as a writer/executive producer. A meeting was arranged between Masters and Bromell through Showtime. Bromell was impressed with the pilot and accepted Masters’ offer to join the production crew.

Are you upset That Brotherhood gets cancelled by Showtime?