eleventh-hour-gets-cancelledThings don´t look good for Eleventh Hour… and everything is pointing towards Eleventh Hour being cancelled

Eleventh Hour is an American science-based drama television series, which is based on the 2006 British series of the same name. The CBS series premiered on Thursday October 9, 2008 at 10 pm (EST). The series is a joint venture between Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Granada Television International and Warner Bros. Television.

Even though Eleventh Hour´s not officially cancelled, there´s not much hope for the show… we saw a lot of other Cancelled Shows and Series

What is Eleventh Hour About? – Plot

Dr. Jacob Hood (Rufus Sewell), is a brilliant biophysicist and Special Science Adviser to the FBI who is brought in to investigate crimes of a scientific or paranormal nature that other agents may be unable to solve. Hood is the government’s last line of defense, and it is his mission to keep scientific advances out of the hands of those with nefarious intentions. Special Agent Rachel Young (Marley Shelton), of the FBI’s executive protection detail, is assigned to protect Hood. Dr. Hood and Special Agent Young are assisted by Special Agent Felix Lee (Omar Benson Miller).

Maybe viewers can Save Chuck, but they are not likely saving Eleventh Hour.

Are you upset about Eleventh Hour cancelled news?