harpers-island-gets-cancelledHarper´s Island is cancelled. It has been a great show, but its stamina got to an end. This one is officially cancelled, there´s not much hope for the show… we saw a lot of other Cancelled Shows and Series

Harper’s Island is an hour-long murder mystery series created by Ari Schlossberg for CBS’s 2008-2009 television season. The series premiered on April 9, 2009 at 10:01 pm ET/PT. Harper’s Island will have only one season comprising 13 episodes. At least one character will be killed off each week. The first three episodes aired on Thursdays, but the network moved the program to Saturdays during the week of April 29.

What is Harper´s Island About? – Plot

The television show is a horror/drama, described as Scream meets And Then There Were None (the mystery novel by Agatha Christie).
The central plot is a murder mystery. Friends and family attending a wedding celebration on a secluded island off the coast of Seattle die one-by-one. Only few will survive. The island was also the scene of a famous series of murders seven years prior.
In addition to a web series based on the show, CBS’s multimedia promotion includes a live online chat on a Fancast Forum each Friday with the “murder victim” from the Thursday night U.S. broadcast, where questions and comments from viewers trying to solve the mystery are encouraged, as well as providing a behind-the-scenes view from the series.

So… are you upset that Harper´s Island is cancelled?

I´m not, since the show was designed to be a one season hit. So Harper´s Island being cancelled is not really news, right?