kings-get-cancelledThings don´t look good for Kings… and everything is pointing towards Kings being cancelled

Kings is a television drama series airing on NBC and Citytv, based on the Biblical story of King David in a kingdom that culturally and technologically resembles the present-day United States. Advance showings received mostly positive critical reviews. The March 15 premiere placed 4th in network television ratings for that evening, with 6.07 million viewers  (1.6 rating / 4 share in the 18-49 demographic). After only four episodes on the air, however, NBC announced it was pulling the series from its Sunday slot. The network initially scheduled the remaining eight episodes to air Saturdays, but after only one Saturday airing, pulled the program until summer.

What is Kings About? – Plot

Kings is set in the nation of Gilboa, which technologically and culturally resembles the present-day United States; the government, however, is an absolute monarchy. Gilboa is ruled by King Silas Benjamin, who originally formed the kingdom two decades prior from three warring countries. He believes his power to be divine, often citing a day when a swarm of butterflies once landed on his head in the form of “a living crown”.
All is not well for Silas: his policies and actions are being manipulated by his queen’s brother, William Cross, who holds substantial control over the royal treasury; his heir, Prince Jack, is a closeted gay man, which could undermine the royal family; and Silas himself has a secret mistress as well as a young son by her. He abandons his covert little family because he believes it is the cost that God requires of him to keep his throne.
Events of the series are set into motion when young David Shepherd, a Gilboan soldier in a war against the kingdom of Gath, single-handedly rescues a group of captive soldiers from behind enemy lines, and destroys a “Goliath-class” tank. One of these captives is Prince Jack, and David not only becomes an instant star in the national media but earns the gratitude of King Silas as well, much to the chagrin of the disenfranchised Prince.
King Silas brings David into the capital city of Shiloh, where he is promoted to Captain and thrust into the position of military liaison to the media. He soon finds himself in the midst of royal court politics, currently with little awareness of the forces acting behind them. He also develops feelings for Silas’s daughter, Princess Michelle, which she seems to reciprocate.
In the pilot episode David, too, is set upon by a living “crown” of butterflies as Silas witnesses the event from a discreet distance. Silas has already been told that God no longer supports his reign, and this then implies that David is the divine choice as his successor. This troubles the King so much that he initially plots to have David killed.

Maybe viewers can Save Chuck, but they are not likely saving Kings.

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