rock-center-brian-williams-nbc-candice-bergenRock Center with Brian Williams came back last week, and for the second week of this season, there´s good content prepared, including an interview with Candice Bergen.

Candice Bergen is one of the great beauties – and most famous and versatile actresses – of her time. She speaks candidly with Harry Smith about how she has dealt with aging and the mild stroke she had six years ago. She looks back on her breakout role as Murphy Brown, and remembers growing up with her internationally-famous ‘puppet brother,’ Charlie McCarthy, who was given voice by her father, the ventriloquist and comedian Edgar Bergen.  She is now appearing in a Broadway play, ‘The Best Man,’ and she shares the stage with such bold-face names as John Larroquette, James Earl Jones, Eric McCormack and Angela Lansbury.

In other stories, Mother fights to change bone marrow donor law to save daughters
Dr. Nancy Snyderman tells the heart-wrenching story of Doreen Flynn, whose 3 daughters have Fanconi Anemia, an incurable disease that requires a bone marrow transplant. In her quest to find donors, Doreen has discovered that a shockingly high percentage of people who SAY they’re willing to donate bone marrow fail to show up to actually make the donation. To improve those odds, she’s campaigning to change a Federal law that prohibits payments to bone marrow donors.

And also, Brazilian Boom: Brazilian buyers boost Miami real estate market
It has been a long time since the words “boom market” have applied to residential real estate sales ANYWHERE in America, but that’s exactly what’s happening in parts of South Florida. Natalie Morales takes us to Miami, where wealthy Brazilians with money to spend, have turned a cold market suddenly HOT

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