casting-call-audition-mission-impossible-4-mi4-tom-cruise-maggie-qAnother great piece of casting call came to my e-mail.

In this case, the casting call and open audition for Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol, AKA MI:4.

Tom Cruise, Maggie Q and Ving Rhames headline Mission Impossible 4 MI:4. Casting call and audition will make you work close to both big big stars.

Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol (also known as MI:4) Mission Impossible 4 will be the next, and possibly final installment in the very successful Mission Impossible movie series. Announced for expected release in 2010, MI4 is set to likely follow the next adventure for Ethan Hunt. Since the movie is only announced and no casting has begun, it is not certain that Tom Cruise will play Ethan Hunt, or even that Hunt will necessarily be the main character. However, Cruise has commented on possibly involvement in the movie, and based on the success of the previous films, it is likely he will return. Expect to see a similar cast mix up as with Mission Impossible 2 and Mission Impossible 3, both of which featured very few returning characters. Aside from Cruise, the other likelyhood for a reappearance is Ving Rhaymes as Luther.

If you want to participate in the Casting Call Audition for Mission Impossible 4, you need to submit yourself.

Casting is for Multiple Supporting Roles & Extras Needed!

Casting Call Audition for Mission Impossible 4 is accepting Electronic submissions at this time.

If you are interested? You can call 323-978-4000 for details or visit

Roles cast will be payed roles.

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