megan-park-casting-call-audition-abc-family-teen-spiritThere´s another Casting Call on my e-mail. A great opportunity here. A casting call for ABC Family Movie Teen Spirit starring Megan Park.

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Teen Spirit is a movie about Amber, the popular mean girl in highschool. Amber gets electrocuted and die, but is charged to help Lisa, the nerdy girl at school to become prom queen so Amber can get into heaven.

Steven Gary Banks and James Middleton produce Teen Spirit, movie auditioning in this casting call.

What is ABC Family´s Teen Spirit Casting Call Open Audition for Roles and Extras looking for?

Numerous roles available on this casting call.
Young men and women over the age of 18 who can play younger in Wilmington, NC where shooting will be.

The Casting call and open audition for ABC Family Teen Spirit movie is on course, since the film is set to hit the cameras on March.

Lisa Mae Fincannon is the Casting Director for Teen Spirit, and Fincannon and Associates will do the Extras Casting for ABC Family Teen Spirit.

More Info on the Casting Call: ABC Family open audition for Teen Spirit here

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