ian-somerhalder-superman-casting-auditionA star is going to be born quite soon. Who? The one who gets the part for the new Superman saga.

Same way as Harry Potter saga made Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson huge celebrities, same as Twilight saga casting made a lot of new stars (and still will, such as the case of Mackenzie Foy).

The actor who lands the role of Superman / Clark Kent will turn from superhero to superstar in no time.

This audition for Superman process in not an open one just yet, and Warner Bros, producer Chris Nolan, and director Zack Snyder have begun a long process casting the new Superman; their idea is that the actor will either be a discovery or on TV but likely someone who isn’t well known yet. And he’ll be in the age range of 28-to-32. The studio expects to look at hundreds of young actors auditioning for Superman before making a decision.

As a special info for agents who are readying candidates: note that hiring an established series regular might not even be possible.

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In the photo, my candidate to play the role: Ian Somerhalder to pay Superman. He`s got his fair share of fanbase. He`s somewhat known, but he`s not yet a household name.

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