rubicon casting call audition amcThe good new AMC Original show Spy show “Rubicon” is running its rookie season. Rubicon is casting for guest stars, day players, and extras.

Principal Actor Casting for Rubicon:

Roles are all filled, and responsibility for this Casting Call for Rubicon belongs to Melcap 260 West 44th Street, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10036.

Extras Casting, Guest Stars Casting for Rubicon:

This one you can submit yourself and audition for Rubicon season, by contacting Christina Wright at the same company.

Series Creator of Rubicon:

Jason Horwitch.

Principal Cast starring in Rubicon:

David Mac Daniel, James Badge Dale, Arliss Howard, Lauren Hodges and many more.

What is Rubicon About? – Plot

Rubicon is an American television series created by Jason Horwitch and produced by Henry Bromell that is broadcast on the AMC television network. The series centers around an intelligence analyst at a national think tank called the American Policy Institute (API) who discovers that he may be working with members of a secret society that manipulates world events on a grand scale.

Will Travers (James Badge Dale): A brilliant man with a knack for pattern recognition, he is the team leader for a group of API analysts the story follows. His wife and daughter were killed in the World Trade Center during the September 11 attacks – an appointment Will was late for – and the tragedy keeps him distant from other characters. He discovers a pattern in a newspaper’s crossword puzzle, which is dismissed as meaningless, but gains the attention of his supervisors at API. After the death of his mentor and father-in-law, David Hadas, he is promoted to David’s old position as team leader and finds himself slowly unraveling a major conspiracy.

Katherine Rhumor (Miranda Richardson): The wife of businessman Tom Rhumor, she was left a widow following her husband’s suicide. Determined to understand her husband’s recent suicide, she turns to his best friend for help. Upon realizing that he can’t be trusted, she is forced to investigate her husband’s death on her own.

Kale Ingram (Arliss Howard): Will’s mysterious supervisor at API. He has tasked Maggie with reporting on Will and the rest of his team, and is in regular contact with Spangler. His actions are cryptic as he guides Will through his early days as team leader. Although it is hinted that he appears to be involved in the conspiracy, he also helps Will by providing him with leads in his investigation, and warning him that his home and office are bugged. Although he is very secretive about his personal life and past, he invites Will to have dinner with him and his apparently live-in boyfriend at home. He mentions on two occasions he was formerly CIA “black ops,” and involved in a series of assassinations in Beirut in the 1980s.

Margaret “Maggie” Young (Jessica Collins): Will’s assistant. She appears to be romantically interested in Will, but has been unable to break through his emotional distance and attract his interest. She has a daughter named Sophie, and is estranged from her husband, though he is attempting to reconcile with his daughter. She is trying to help Will, but also works for Kale delivering information about Will and his team.

Miles Fiedler (Dallas Roberts): A member of Will’s team. While an MIT graduate with a genius-level IQ, he is the most distracted and nervous member of the team, with a fixation on conspiracies. He is recently separated from his wife and children, but has kept the truth from his coworkers. He respects Will as a boss, and clashes frequently with Grant.

Grant Test (Christopher Evan Welch): The oldest member of Will’s team, he resents being passed over as team leader in favor of Will. He clashes frequently with Miles and Tanya, using his seniority to bully the two on occasion. He is married with two children; the marriage is heavily strained by the demands of his job.

Tanya MacGaffin (Lauren Hodges): The newest member of Will’s team. She is the least experienced of team and consequently the most insecure, but very intelligent and also the most ambitious. She appears to have a drinking problem, regularly coming to work hungover and keeping small bottles of vodka in her desk. Kale is made aware of the problem by Maggie, and he passes that information to Will.

Ed Bancroft (Roger Robinson): A former API analyst, who retired when “the codes cracked him” according to Will. Although retired he remained a long-time friend of David, and was still updated about the events at API. After David’s death he begins to help Will solving the mystery surrounding David’s death.

Truxton Spangler (Michael Cristofer): The head of API, Spangler is zealously devoted to maintaining the institute’s independence from the government. He is in regular contact with Kale, and supports his decision to appoint Will as the new head of the team, later bringing Will to a series of meetings in Washington DC to defend API’s sovereignty. He is shown to be involved in the conspiracy, with ties to both Tom Rhumor’s company Atlas Macdowell and the men hired to follow Will.

David Hadas (Peter Gerety): Will’s father-in-law and the former head of Will’s team. He is preoccupied with superstitions and numerology, particularly bad luck and the number 13. After showing the crossword puzzle to Kale, he is killed in a commuter rail accident, an accident Will suspects was arranged to murder David.

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