casting-call-audition-jane-by-designAnother great opportunity to audition has arrived to e-mail.  In this case ABC Family´s new drama Jane by Design is casting. The network who´s making hit after hit lately, is launching a new series in 2012 and Jane by Design is auditioning roles for its first season.

Jane by Design is a show that follows Jane Quimby, a teenager who poses as an adult to land a job at a retali company and must balance her high school life amd her job, while keeping her identity in disguise.
Erica Dasher stars as Jane Quimby and Andie MacDowell portrays her boss at the retail company.

What is ABC Family´s Jane by Design Casting Call auditioning for?

It is currently casting principal actors AFTRA associated. Barbara Stordahl and Angela Terry are in charge of Hane by Design Principal Casting.

Is there a ABC Family´s Jane by Design Casting call audition for extras?

Yes. Extras casting for Jane for Design is in done by Central Casting.

If you want more information for ABC Family´s Jane By Design Auditions visit this link

Will you enter ABC Family´s Jane by Design Casting Auditions? Let me know how it goes.
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