Pretty Little Liars casting call audition ABC Family New ShowPretty Little Liars is the newest bet by ABC Family, and surely one of its best. Based upon Sara Shepard´s book and adapted for TV by Marlene King, Pretty Little Liars tells the story of 4 16 year old teenagers who survive the dissappearance and death of Queen Bee Alison. Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna start receiving mysterious text messages that suggest Alison is watching them and know every secret and lie the four teens keep.

Pretty Little Liars Casting Call and Audition for Extras is underway, since the success of the show has upped the original order for 12 additional episodes to be shot this summer.

Extras Casting for Pretty Little Liars is being held by Central Casting in Burbank.

If you want to learn more about the casting call and auditions for Pretty Little Liars, check this site.

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