chicken-soup-soul-angels-among-usAnother one in the line of paranormal/ religious phenomenon from Chicken Soup collection. This time, central topic is about angels; sometimes figuratively speaking, sometimes literally, where narrators talk about actually encountering beings of light. I much preferred the former kind of stories. The latter are not my cup of tea.

Skepticism is in my blood, but I am also a firm believer that if it makes you good, go ahead and believe in it; that´s the interesting thing about faith and belief.

Besides the supernatural nature of the stories, they are uplifting, so if you find the way to get out of a tricky situation in your life, wether by the kindness of a complete stranger and you think of him/ her as your guardian angel, I guess as a story it does not make it any less interesting or feel good.

As always, this book has 101 stories of “Miracles, Faith and Answered Prayers”. A nice option for a present for someone who needs a bit of a pick me up kind of book.

You can purchase the book from this link.

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