The Daily Rehash - Chris Brown is Quitting MusicAnother time bringing you the best from Twitter, or at least, if not the best, some stuff that´s been talked about a lot over there, that this video summarizes for you so you are up to date in just a couple of minutes and use your Twitter time more wisely to follow / unfollow your crushes.

And what happened now on Twitter you may ask? Well, as Eric Artell reviews in this week´s video of Daily Rehash, Chris Brown spent 45 minutes in jail and decided to quit music. Just like that, Chris Brown quits music.

Most of the tweets highlighted though were taking sarcasm to a whole new level about the news, and the webshow made a good job curating them.

Like this one from Fake Dispatch @Fake_Dispatch saying: “Chris Brown says he´s quitting music. Music denies ever working with or even knoing Chris Brown”. We really like this one, and there are a lot of funny tweets to check out in the video, so, now, without further ado, watch Chris Brown Quits Music on Daily Rehash:

So, what are you waiting for? Watch the video! It´s just a few minutes.

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