kristin kreuk hannah chuck breaking up pilot hitchedOk, Chuck fans… this is the question you were asking, right?

The main plot is Sarah and Chuck going back and forth, but now there´s Hannah and Chuck, and there´s Daniel and Sarah.

So… what to do… what to do…

Well, good news for all the Chuck and Sarah fans, Hannah and Chuck are probably going to break up.

Why is this my assumption? Well, Josh Schwartz is currently working on a new Sitcom pilot featuring who: Kristin Kreuk.

If the show is ever going to be greenlit, that would mean she will have less available time to be on Chuck. So, therefore, Chuck and Hannah need to break up.

I, for once, am not that happy. I´m loving Kristin Kreuk on Chuck, and I think it gives the show some good plotlines outside the Chuck and Sarah drama.

What do you think? Are Chuck and Hannah breaking up?

Now some more info on Kristin Kreuk pilot Hitched:

Kristin Kreuk will star on CBS’ Josh Schwartz-produced comedy pilot, Hitched. The half-hour sitcom revolves around a newly-married couple who return from their honeymoon only to discover that their relationship has only just begun.

And also… just so I can say it aloud: Kristen Kreuk is gorgeous.