Tina Fey owns Hollywood right now… she´s in the top of the world… and that has a lot to do with 30 Rock. One of the funniest sitcoms nowadays. Yesterday a new episode of 30 Rock aired, called Jackie Jormp Jomp. In a post filled with spoilers

Complete Recap and Spoilers of 30 Rock 3×18 – Jackie Jormp Jomp

We begin with Liz in a counseling session for employees suspended for sexual harassment. The HR guy from last episode, Jeffrey Weinerslave (pronounced the funny way), is leading the group.

Jack tells Jenna focus groups hated her Janice Joplin biopic (with no life rights the character is called Jackie Jormjomp), despite the Jimi Hendrix duet from “Woodstocks.” Universal doesn’t want to release the picture so Jack wants Jenna to drum-up independent financing at the Kid’s Choice Awards.

Desperately missing work Liz comes into the office. Kenneth rats her out and Jack tells Liz that people like them need the stress of work.

Some members of the staff discuss the company’s sexual harassment policy. Frank is surprised by how many rules there are and is now scared to interact with co-workers.

We see a bored Liz annoying all of her doormen in her building. While in the hall she runs into Emily, a former investment banker who since retiring has realized how stupid the fast-paced, high-stress life really is. Emily tells Liz there “are much better ways to be happy.”

Having read in the sexual harassment policy that employees must disclose inter-office relationships, Kenneth tells Jack he has long-term plans to marry Daphne, one of the TGS dancers. He adds that he has never actually spoken to Daphne. After leaving Jack’s office Kenneth runs into Daphne and Dot Com, who are holding hands. Dot Com asks Kenneth about reporting their relationship and Kenneth is devastated.

Liz hangs out with Emily and her friends. The group is a collection of women who for various reasons are wealthy and out-of-work. Without realizing it Liz does the entire day with them: wine, spa, cocktails, shopping, Botox, sushi and a nightcap. She has so much fun she even forgets to watch TGS.

Jenna and Jack arrive at the Kid’s Choice Awards. The child reporters are far more impressed with Dora The Explorer’s backpack than they are with Jenna.

When Kenneth intentionally forgets extra mustard for Dot Com’s sandwich Tracy has had enough with their fighting. To solve the problem Tracy fires Daphne.

During a montage of deceased actors from the kid industry at the Kid’s Choice Awards, Jenna (a former Mouseketeer) is accidentally included. Jack tells Jenna “we hit the jackpot” and suggests they continue pretending she’s dead “I want to Tupac you” to help promote the film.

Jeffrey tells Liz she has completed her sensitivity training and can return to work. Disappointed at the notion of returning to the stress of TGS, Liz tells him “Why don’t you drop those Dockers and give me a piece of that sweet ass.” Cut to a grinning Liz walking into Emily’s apartment: “What are we doing today, ladies?” The women clink wine glasses and respond: “More of the same!”

Jack calls after hearing what happened with Jeffrey: “Jeffrey Weinerslave said you put your fingers in his mouth.” Liz says she needs six more weeks off and Jack counters that he needs her back for that week’s show. Liz tells him about the women she has met and Jack assures her they aren’t as happy as they seem.

Kenneth tells Tracy the other dancers on the show are refusing to come back to work to protest the firing of Daphne. Since this is usually a situation where Liz steps in, Tracy shrugs his shoulders and goes to take a nap.

Jack tells Pete to put together a tribute for the Jenna to help drive-home the idea that she is dead.

Tracy shows Kenneth a motley collection of hooker-looking women he has gathered as replacement dancers for the show that night.

Hanging with the girls, Liz admits loving her leisurely new lifestyle and tells them Jack didn’t think it was a healthy way to exist. One of the women a neurosurgeon “before Jasmine Guy and I wrote our cookbook” agrees with Jack: “The human brain needs stimulation or it atrophies and your pleasure center literally shrinks.” To combat that the group has a special activity: “Punch me in the face, Liz,” Emily demands. Liz realizes that the women have their own fight club and that Jack was right. “I have to get back to my show.”

Jenna sneaks near the set to watch the montage of her early career. She is shocked when a giant poster of her contains her correct birth year. Not wanting people to realize he is 40, Jenna comes on stage and begins singing a song. “Still alive, not yet 32. Sorry Jack, worth it.” Liz arrives on stage to catch the end of the song.

Liz brings Jenna and Tracy into her office to yell at them for screwing so many things up. She does it with a huge smile which freaks the actors out, causing them to run out of the room. Liz proudly tapes her sensitivity training certificate to her office door and shouts “I’m back, nerds!”

Author: MikeSaros for IMDB