So, CSI is an iconic show. The original of a very successful franchise. Yesterday, an all new episode of CSI aired, this one called All In. If you want to read spoilers of CSI, stay in this post under your responsibility.

Remember CSI is renewed for a tenth season

Complete Recap and Spoilers of CSI 09×24 – “All In” – May 14, 2009

It’s night in Vegas and we get a shot of happy people gambling in a casino with a Rat Pack soundtrack.

We cut to a waitress in a diner opening up shop

We cut to a guy sleeping in a car for sale being awakened by a friend.

Back to the casino and one dude playing slots and ignoring his phone.

Then a shot of the two guys riding in the back of a truck and then jackhammering a lot.

Back to slots guy and the happy gamblers beyond him, including a cowboy giving his lady a chip.

Then back to the diner waitress mad about a quarter tip.

Cut to the slots guy on a gurney, his face all messed up being rushed into the ER. He was working the landscaping gig and he was all messed up by using the wrong equipment, he looks like he’s riddled with nails. Langston is working the ER for some reason.

We cut to Catherine at a scene where a man was shot in the back of the head. Langston thinks execution and body dump at the side of the road and that the vic was the driver. Perhaps a hitchiking gone bad?

Riley and Hodges examine the body and clothes respectively. He’s covered in concrete dust so they’re guessing construction worker.

Back out at the scene Langston and Sanders are examining shoe impressions, so they’re guessing there were three people in the car. They recreate the shooting from the strides of the impressions: sneakers and boots, one who got back in the car and the other who ran off into the night.

Nick bids farewell he’s headed to an entomology conference in Hawaii saying they need a new bug man. He asks Langston to hold down the fort.

Langston is checking his mail when he sees a box from a Gloria Parkes. The note says she was cleaning a closet and found it and thought he would want it. Inside are some old mementoes: and “I Like Button,” an old lighter, a photo, a war metal, presumably his dad’s stuff based on the age of the stuff.

Robbins is showing Catherine the jacket of the bullet from the victim’s head. He seems weird to her, he says things are tough all over.

Riley arrives to announce that the victim’s name is Houston Dobbs, a missing person from Elba whose car had been torched.

Dobbs was working at the diner with our waitress. Turns out she’s the owner too and used him as a fry cook. Brass breaks the news. She yells at a waiter named Walter who’s eavesdropping. She wonders who would want to shoot Dobbs. A guy at the counter gives Brass the name of another worker he needs to talk to, Bruno Curtis. Another chimes in that the owner, Barbie, and Bruno were an item in high school. Yet another customer, a woman, says he was looking for unskilled labor work “up north.” The owner says working the diner isn’t enough to live on.

Turns out that, thanks to the rain, Dobbs’ car wasn’t totally destroyed so Riley, Wendy, and Hodges examine it for evidence. They realize the guy was living in his car. Wendy finds a piece of skull. The keychain is a chip from an old casino run by a Playboy-magnate type. Riley finds blood and a bullet in the back seat. They find a handgun belt buckle, which conceals a real .22, with a print on it.

The print belongs to a Wiley Schindler, the cowboy from the opening sequence. He’s a collectibles dealer and according to his website he’s in town.

We cut to Schindler trying to sell some Bugsy Siegel-related merchandise. Brass and Langston arrive and scare off his customer. They show him pictures of the victim and Bruno. He met them briefly at Barbie’s diner a few days previously. (We see this.) He noticed Barbie’s earrings were made of the same old casino chips and Bruno and Houston tried to make a deal to sell the stash of chips they had to Schindler for $300. He talks them to $200.

Brass informs him that Dobbs is dead and Bruno is missing and posits the theory that Schindler killed them based on the finding of his concealed weapon belt buckle at the scene. He claims they admired it and he gave it to them to seal the deal. (Plus there’s that set of shoeprints: sneakers and cowboy boots like he’s wearing.) Brass arrests him.

Sanders is explaining to Catherine the story of the owner of the defunct casino, Hux, a porn-pusher who pulled out in the ’80s after a fight with his partners. (We see a Hef-style dude flipping chips to scantily clad chicks done up in ’80s gear). They remodeled but without Hux and his “kittens” the casino went bust. According to the gaming commission the chips were destroyed. Which is why any remaining chips are so valuable. Langston enters with a box full of the chips they recovered from Schindler’s room.

We cut to Brass interrogating an angry Schindler who says he explained how he got the very valuable chips. Brass posits the theory that Schindler, Bruno, and Dobbs cooked up a counterfeit chip scheme that went bad ending with Dobbs’ death. Schindler says all his stuff is real and the murder theory is crazy. He points out he has no lawyer because he didn’t kill or cheat anybody.

Hodges examines a set of the chips. He says they’re authentic. Catherine, Riley, Hodges, Langston wonder where they found them, why who kept ’em, kept ’em, and if Bruno and Dobbs really sold them to Schindler on the cheap why he would kill them? There’s still no sign of Bruno. As they figure out a way to track him down – possibly through construction sites in Elba since they were picking up work- Hodges has an epiphany about a button company, the one that made the chips. It was in Elba. (Dobbs’ coat was covered in vintage pins, the kind the button company made).

Langston and Riley go to the abandoned factory to look for him and maybe the genesis of the chips? There is evidence that someone has been living there. They find evidence of a wounded person. A man breaks out and runs, they give chase outside. They find him under a tarp with a gun and an infected wound. Ray notices a cache of chips under the tarp, where we saw them jackhammering earlier.

Hodges and Sanders explain to Catherine that when the casino went bust the chips were sent back to the button company for destruction. But because of how they were made they were hard to destroy so they were buried instead. 107,000 plus chips. We see this, then Bruno and Dobbs finding it.

At the hospital Bruno is not talkative. Riley yells at Langston for helping Bruno while he was armed. Langston goes to speak to him and lays out the evidence against him for accessory to murder. Bruno’s leg has been amputated. He is, understandably, sad. Langston asks for the truth. Bruno begins to cry and confesses that he wishes they never had pulled the chips out.

We see his story as he tells it: He and Dobbs were hired to bust up the parking lot at the factory. They found the chips and started collecting. They thought they might be worthless – since they’d been dumped- but kept them as souvenirs and to give as gifts. We see him give them to Barbie as earrings. They met Schindler and made the buck a piece deal and after that thought they’d be rich since they’d pulled out thousands. They went back to the parking lot and discovered the barrels were empty, that Schindler had stolen them. They called him up claiming they had more chips to sell. They met him Vegas and demanded their chips back. Schindler denied it all and so they “took him for a ride.” We see the ride, Bruno with a gun to Schindler in the backseat, Schindler going for his belt buckle and shooting Bruno in the leg, and then grabbing Bruno’s gun and shooting Dobbs, who was driving. Bruno is sad about his best friend. (We don’t actually see who shoots Dobbs though and I’m guessing Bruno did, chain-reaction style after getting shot in the leg.)

Mandy dusts a gun. Riley does a ballistics test. The gun is the murder weapon but Schindler’s prints aren’t on it, so it only implicates Bruno. Schindler is released. Langston and Catherine watch him on the news. Catherine tries to bring up Riley’s concerns about Langston, Langston says Riley is trigger-happy.

Eckley enters with a man from the gaming commission. He says since the chips weren’t destroyed properly they still have value and therefore are redeemable. He wants the cops to find the chips- and deem them stolen property and evidence- before anyone else can and cash them in.

Langston calls Brass who reports that Schindler has checked out. Langston is at Barbie’s house and she’s dead.

She was shot less than an hour ago and she’s surrounded by a pile of the chips.

They get a call that Schindler was arrested at the airport weighted down with chips.

Brass asks where he got them. Schindler says he got them from Barbie, and made a fair deal with her. He admits he heard that might still have cash value. He claims when he left she was alive.

Sanders shows Catherine surveillance video of a different man peddling Hux club chips while Schindler was in jail.

Back at Barbie’s Langston finds a voicemail on Barbie’s phone from a man who claims she’s hounding him.

In the background we see a wedding photo of Barbie and Walter, the waiter from earlier. Sanders and Catherine surmise that Schindler was telling the truth: Barbie stole the chips from Houston and Dobbs and then Walter stole them from her. We see a version where they fight over the chips and he shoots her.

Langston enters the garage and sees a bunch of chips in the back seat of a car and a trunk full of them. He finds an e-ticket for a flight for Walter and a wad of money with Schindler’s business card attached. He goes to open the trunk and a shot is fired from inside and Walter hops out guns blazing complaining about what a bitch Barbie was. Langston shoots him. Dead.

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