The moment you all been waiting for. Heroes aired a new episode.

So, what happened on Heroes S04E15? A post filled with Heroes Spoilers, so… you are all warned.

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Complete Recap and Spoilers of Heroes S04E15 – Let it Bleed

Noah takes over for Mohinder on voice over duties as he worries about how to protect Claire from the evil in the world without losing her. We see a series of the nastiness that has passed, including Sameul and whatever he’s up to.

In Suresh’s apartment, Noah and Lauren get testy over how to track down Samuel. Lauren wants to call Claire to use the compass, but he knows she’s still mad at him. Lauren gets a computer alert on Vanessa Wheeler (Kate Vernon), Samuel’s long-lost love. They give her a call.

She says she doesn’t know anyone named Samuel Sullivan, which is weird because he grew up on the estate her family owned. Noah’s off to visit her in California.

Lydia interrupts Samuel as he’s writing a letter. She sees the drawing of Vanessa. He checks that she’s still on his side. He says they’re close to realizing their dreams. The day has come to bring Vanessa in.

Lydia knows Samuel is up to something and she doesn’t like it. She thinks the family needs a new leader, someone that Samuel said was like the next Joseph. Lydia uses some mind games to sneak into Peter’s brain.

He wakes bolt upright in bed with a brand new tattoo — of a compass.

Parkman makes breakfast and plans for ratatouille that evening as his wife checks that he’s happy as a stay-at-home dad. She leaves and Parkman turns to see Noah standing in his kitchen.

Noah tells Parkman the Sylar thing was a terrible idea and he needs his help with Samuel.

Ando takes Hiro to the mental hospital, where Hiro calls him Sancho and talks about finding Dr. Watson. Ando watches as they take Hiro down the hall. Hiro sees the name “Ahmadi” on a patient’s door and shouts “Dr. Watson!” With the security out of the way, Ando zaps his way in and sees that Watson is Suresh.

Noah and Parkman find Vanessa, a concert cellist. She doesn’t want to talk to them until Parkman mind zaps her.

Peter leaves someone a message about the tattoo being back on his arm. Out on the street he pauses as he seems to hear Emma playing the cello.

He buzzes at her door. She’s excited bringing him there with music worked. She tells him about what Samuel taught her. Peter sees the same compass tattoo on the cello.

Vanessa tells Parkman and Noah that Samuel disappeared after growing up on her family’s property, then came back for a few weeks of a torrid affair then wanted her to run off to the carnival.

He’s been showing up around her lately at odd hours. Noah thinks that instead of going to the carnival they can bring the carnival to them. He asks Vanessa to call him.

In his apartment, Peter shows Emma a picture in the newspaper of Samuel, who he knows as William Hooper. He gave her a compass. Peter warns her that the last time he saw a compass like that his friend got stabbed.

There’s a knock at the door and Angela breezes her way in. She stops when she sees Emma and demands how Peter knows her. Emma excuses herself.

In the mental hospital, Ando’s just glad that Hiro isn’t crazy. Ando wonders why Suresh hasn’t broken free and Hiro says the storm troopers (orderlies) gave him Jawa Juice (drugs). Hiro wants to turn Bruce Banner back into the Hulk.

Ando sneaks over to an orderlies’ cart with pills for the patients and swaps Sureshs’ meds out. He gets caught by the orderly and with no where to put Suresh’s pills, he pops them in his mouth then accidentally swallows them. Nap time for Sancho Panza.

Parkman and Noah stake out a hotel waiting for Samuel to meet Vanessa. Several versions of Eli stop them and Samuel gets away with her, then pauses to tear up some LA street in front of Noah.

They’re left to follow the GPS they gave Vanessa.

In his apartment, Peter tries to get his mom to tell him the truth about a dream she had about Emma. She says Emma’s going to help kill thousands of people and it has something to do with the cello. She thinks Peter can’t save her. When she won’t say more, Peter grabs her arm and takes her ability.

Suresh wakes up in a straight jacket on the floor of his padded room to Hiro pounding on the door and calling him Dr. Watson. Suresh Hulks out and breaks free. He remembers that Hiro put him there, but he’s a little confused by the reference to Sancho.

They find Ando in the broom closet Hiro stashed him in and make a run for it as the alarms sound. Orderlies chase them down the hallway but Ando zaps the door open and they’re free.

Parkman and Noah pull up to a deserted arid plain. Noah finds a pamphlet for the carnival and they realize they just missed them. They need a compass, but Noah doesn’t want to bother Claire.

Back at Parkman’s, Noah leaves a message for Lauren but Parkman is focused on his ratatouille. Noah gives him a lecture about responsibility, calling him a coward, and wants to go after Vanessa. But Parkman says some days you can’t save the world. He tells him to go hug Claire.

Peter dreams fitfully and sees Emma in a house of mirrors playing her cello and crying as people scream in the distance. Then Sylar appears and tells her he’s come to save her. Peter wakes up.

Peter buzzes Emma’s door. He walks in and bashes the cello to pieces. He tells her about his dream and that something bad is going to happen. She throws him out.

Hiro, Ando and Suresh run through the Everglades as men with dogs follow them. Ando explains Hiro can’t teleport until they unscramble his brain. When Ando says it was electroshock therapy that did it, Suresh suggests Ando zap him. He does. It works. They leap.

Noah knocks at Claire’s door. He babbles for a while then comes around to staying he wants to fix things with her. She says she needs to be somewhere and asks if they can talk later. At Parkman’s, his wife babbles about her day at the office while Parkman zones out. Then he asks her if she thinks he’s a coward. He thinks he is for not going after Sylar. She says there’s nothing cowardly about looking after your family. He doesn’t look convinced.

At the carnival, Samuel brings Vanessa some tea. She wants to go home. He says he had to act to protect her from Noah. She stands to leave but he grabs her, then gently traces the lines on her face. He tells her there’s something he wants her to see. And if she doesn’t like it he’ll take her “right back to California.” It’s news to her that they’ve left the state. He tells her it’s beautiful and perfect.

Back at the NYC apartment, Lauren knocks on Noah’s door. He apologizes and tells her he cares for her more than he wants to admit. They kiss.

Then Hiro, Ando and Suresh pop in.

To Be Continued….

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