Lost aired a new episode tonight called Some like it Hoth. And here is a post filled with Lost Spoilers. And we get to know more about Miles…

Complete Recap and Spoilers of Lost 5×13 – Some Like it Hoth

We opened on an Asian single mother looking to rent an apartment. Her young son was Miles. While she worked out the details with the landlord, Miles walked around the complex and discovered his knack for sensing and hearing from dead people.

Sawyer called Mils and told him to “accidentally” erase the security tapes from the gates. Sawyer told Miles he was looking for the escapee, Sayid.

Miles was about to eject the tape when Horace walked in and asked Miles if he could be trusted. He wanted Miles to deliver something to Radzinsky in Grid 334, who would give Miles a package to be returned to Horace, no questions asked. Miles agreed, but noted that they weren’t supposed to be in 334, calling it “hostile territory.” Horace welcomed him to the “circle of trust.”

Miles delivered the package. It was a body bag. A dead man with a Dharma uniform was brought out and packed into the bag. He had a bullet hole in his head, but Radzinsky said the man “fell into a ditch.” Miles loaded the body into his van, then asked the corpse, “OK, so what really happened?”

Miles & Mom: Back in the past, Miles went to visit his ailing mother. He asked her why he’s the way he is, and wanted to know what happened to his father. His mom said Miles’ father abandoned them and had been “dead a long time.” Miles asked, “Where’s his body?”

“Somewhere you could never go,” his mom said.

Back on the island: Horace told Miles to take “the package” to Dr. Chang. Just as Miles was going to leave, Hurley hopped along because he was going the same way.

Juliet and Kate were at Ben’s house when his dad, Roger, showed up and saw that Ben was gone. Roger was upset. He said he was going to call security, and stormed out.

“Well,” Juliet said, “here we go.”

Hurley was writing notes in a journal and when Miles asked what he was doing, Hurley said, “It’s personal.” Hurley smelled something bad and noticed it was coming from the back of the van. Hurley found the body bag and the body. Miles told Hurley the man’s name was Alvarez and he was thinking about “some chick named Andrea,” when he felt a pain in his mouth that turned out to be a filling from his tooth that was pulled from its socket and through his brain. They couldn’t figure out how.

Hurley figured that Miles can talk to dead people. He assured Miles his secret was safe, “Because I can talk to them, too.”

Miles the Miracle Man: Miles talked to a grieving father who wanted to ask his dead son if he knew he loved him. The son had been cremated, which was going to cost extra. Miles held the man’s hands, told him to think strongly about his son. After a moment, he told the man his son knew he loved him. Then he left.

On his way out, Miles was stopped by Naomi Dorrit, who said her employer was interested in Miles’ unique abilities. They went to chat.

Back on the island: Kate talked to Roger, who was upset that Ben was gone, and she told him she had a feeling Ben would be OK. He asked if she knew something about Ben’s disappearance and Kate clammed up. He told Kate to mind her own business.

Hurley explained his conversations with dead people to Miles, who, in turn, explained his. Hurley talks to dead people’s ghosts but Miles only hears their thoughts from their lives until they died.

Chang asked Miles why Hurley was there. He was supposed to come alone. Hurley said he wouldn’t say anything about the body. Chang threatened Hurley that if he said one word about the body, he would be weighing polar bear feces on Hydra Island “for their ridiculous experiments.”

When Chang walked away, Hurley told Miles, “That guy’s a total douche.”

“That douche is my dad,” Miles said.

‘What can you tell me?’: Naomi brought Miles to a dead body and asked him what he could tell her about the guy. The man’s name was Felix and he was on his way to deliver papers and photos to “a guy named Whidmore.” He also had a purchase order for an old airplane. Naomi told Miles about her expedition to an island.

She said that on the island was a man that would be very difficult to find. She said the island had a number of deceased individuals on it and the man she was looking for was responsible for them dying, so they could provide valuable information. Miles passed, but Naomi said her employer was willing to pay him $1.6 million.

“When do we leave?” Miles asked.

Back on the island: Miles didn’t want to talk about Chang being his dad, but Hurley remembered Chang was Dr. Marvin Candle from the movies. Chang came back to the van and told Miles to take him to Radzinsky.

Jack talked to Roger, who asked about Kate and her “weird thing” for his kid. Roger told Jack he thought Kate had something to do with Ben’s disappearance. He thought he should report her to Horace. Jack tried to talk him down, saying he knew Kate and she wouldn’t do anything to hurt Ben.

Hurley asked Chang a bunch of questions about his background and family. He learned that Chang’s 3-month-old son was also named Miles. “Small world,” Hurley said. “That’s your name, too, right Miles?” Hurley suggested they all get together for a beer some time.

They arrived at a work site and Hurley asked what was with all the secrecy. Miles said he didn’t know and didn’t care. Then, Hurley noticed a hatch door being built and one worker asked another what serial number he should put on the hatch door.

“4, 8, … 15, 16 … 23,” the man called out as Hurley looked on. The man paused for a moment, saying the last number was smudged.

“42,” Hurley mumbled.

“42,” the man called out.

Miles asked Hurley how he knew that. Hurley explained, “Because they’re building our hatch. … The one that crashed our plane.”

‘You do not want to get on that boat’: Back before he left for the island, Miles was abducted and thrown into a van by a man named Graham, who tried to talk him out of working for Charles Whidmore. “Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?” Graham asked. Miles said no, so Graham said he wasn’t ready to go to the island. Graham promised to tell Miles all the things he wanted to know about his gift and his father.

Miles said Graham would have to double the offer to $3.2 million. Graham said he wasn’t offering money and that “all the money in the world isn’t going to fill that empty hole inside you, Miles.” They tossed Miles from the van and Graham told Miles he was playing for the wrong team. Miles asked which team Graham was playing for, and Graham said, “The one that’s going to win.”

Back on the island: Hurley annoyed Miles by talking about how he should hang out with his dad. Miles said he never knew his dad and said was dead to him, “he’s gone, he never cared about me.” Miles ripped Hurley’s notebook from his hand so he could get into Hurley’s business the way Hurley was getting into Miles’.

Miles read what seemed like a screenplay that included Chewbacca. Hurley confessed he was writing “The Empire Strikes Back.” He’d seen it a couple hundred times and figured since it was 1977 and “Star Wars” had just come out, George Lucas would be looking for his sequel soon, so he wanted to save Lucas the trouble and write it for him, “with a couple improvements.” Miles said that was stupid.

Sawyer got home to find Jack, who told Sawyer that Ben’s dad thought Kate had something to do with Ben’s disappearance. Sawyer thanked Jack for filling him in.

Phil came to Sawyer and said there was a development. He said, “I know who took the kid.”

“Who’s that?” Sawyer said.

Phil held up the tape and said, “You.”

Sawyer let Phil inside and asked if he’d talked to Horace yet. Phil said he hadn’t, and was just starting to say, “after three years of working together…” when Sawyer punched him out and told Juliet to get some rope.

‘I lied to you’: Miles went back to the home of the man whose son he claimed he’d talked to and gave his money back. Miles admitted he wasn’t able to talk to the boy. The man asked why Miles didn’t let him just continue to believe what he’d told him.

Miles said that wouldn’t have been fair to his son. “If you needed your son to know that you loved him, you should’ve told him when he was still alive.”

Second chance: Hurley apologized to Miles for getting into his business with his dad. But Hurley then told Miles about how his own dad left when he was 10. Hurley said the best thing he ever did was give him a second chance.

Miles said he was just a baby when his dad left. “I never knew him,” Miles said. “I don’t want to.”

Hurley said that was Luke’s attitude, too, in “Empire.”

“Luke found out Vader was his father, but instead of putting away his light saber and just talking about it, he overreacted and got his hand cut off,” Hurley explained. They could’ve avoided a lot of trouble if they’d just communicated.

Miles approached Chang’s house, where he saw his father excitedly reading his 3-month-old self a book. Chang got a call and had to put the baby down and leave. Outside, he saw Miles and asked for his help. The sub had just come in with a crew of doctors and scientists from Ann Arbor.

At the dock, Daniel Faraday climbed out of the submarine.

“Dan,” Miles said.

“Hey, Miles,” Faraday said. “Long time, no see.”


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