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Complete Recap and Spoilers of Lost 5×15 – Follow the Leader

Previously on…: Ben killed Locke, then saw him alive on the island. Ben told Sun, “dead is dead.” Faraday thought he could change the chain of events by stopping the energy from being released under the Swan hatch.

Where’d we leave off?: Faraday held Alpert at gunpoint, asking where the hydrogen bomb was, when a young version of his mom, Elsie, shot him. Jack and Kate argued in the bushes over what they should do when, after the gunshot, Young Charles Whidmore rode by on a horse and kicked Jack in the face, asking who he was.

Young Eloise found the book Old Eloise inscribed and gave to Faraday. Whidmore brought Jack and Kate to Alpert and Eloise, and Eloise told Whidmore that even though Jack and Kate went there with Faraday, they were not part of the Dharma Initiative.

Thirty years later: A woman came to Alpert on the beach and said, “He’s here.” Alpert saw Locke approaching, carrying a wild boar he called “dinner.” Locke said he and Alpert had an errand to run. Alpert noticed “something different” about Locke, and Locke said, “I have a purpose now.”

Ben showed up behind Locke, with Sun. Locke told Alpert that Ben helped him get to the island. Ben told Sun Alpert was “like, an advisor” and he’d been at the job “for a very, very long time.” Sun ran to Alpert and asked if he remembered Jin, Jack, Kate, Hurley and the rest of the group from 1977. Alpert said he remembered them very clearly, “because I watched them all die.”

Locke invited Ben along for his trip with Alpert, leaving Sun on the beach.

Back in time: Jack and Kate were bound and tossed in a room. Jack told Kate that they might still be able to do what Faraday said and avoid the plane crash. Kate realized that she and Jack would have never met. He said all the misery would be gone. Kate said, “It was not all misery.” “Enough of it was,” Jack said.

Young Eloise wanted to know what Faraday wanted with the bomb. She recalled having met him years earlier, when she was just 17, and that Faraday wanted to bury the bomb. She promised Jack she’d believe him if he explained why Faraday wanted to get to the bomb.

Jack told her he understood that shooting Faraday was an accident, but that she could fix it by doing what was in Faraday’s journal, and “none of it would’ve happened.”

She said she’d take Jack to the bomb, but it was buried and the Dharma Initiative had since built an entire village over it.

Radzinsky punched Sawyer repeatedly, showing him the surveillance video of Kate and demanding to know where she was. Horace ordered Radzinsky to stop, but Radzinsky told Horace he didn’t have to stomach to do what needed to be done. Radzinsky threatened to kill Sawyer if he didn’t speak up.

Phil said he could make Sawyer talk. Then he got up and punched Juliet in the face. Someone showed Radzinsky a list of the submarine manifest from when Jack, Kate and Hurley arrived, and they couldn’t account for “Hugo.” “He’s the fat one,” Phil said. Cut to Hurley, stashing food into a bag and fleeing the village, not knowing that Dr. Chang was watching him leave.

Hurley met Miles and Jin and they prepared to leave for the beach. Hurley worried about leaving Sawyer and Juliet behind. Dr. Chang found the group, asking Miles if Faraday was telling the truth about being from the future. Hurley tried to pretend they weren’t from the future, but when Chang asked him too many current events questions, he caved and admitted it.

Miles admitted it was true that Chang was his father. Chang wanted to know if Faraday’s warning about the accident at the Swan was true. Miles said he’d been right about everything, so they should evacuate the island.

Young Whidmore looked at Faraday, wondering why he looked familiar. Young Eloise told Alpert to untie Jack and Kate and told Whidmore she was taking them to the bomb. Alpert identified Whidmore to Jack and said, “he and Eloise, well… let’s just say love can be complicated.”

Back to the future: Alpert asked Locke where he’d been since they were last talking. Locke said he was going to show Alpert where he disappeared to, then said he’d like to see Jacob. Ben said, “That’s not how it works, John.” But Locke made his request clear.

Locke took Alpert and Ben to a crashed plane on the island. He told Alpert that in a minute, a man would come out of the jungle with a bullet in his leg. He told Alpert to tell that man he was going to have to bring everybody back to the island, and in order to do that, he was going to die. They saw the man hobble out of the jungle. “Who is that man, John?” Ben asked.

“Me,” Locke said.

Alpert went to injured Locke and prepared to take the bullet out of his leg. As they watched the scene, Locke explained to Ben that the island told him when to be there. “Doesn’t it tell you things?” Locke asked Ben.

Alpert came back and said injured Locke seemed pretty convinced, “especially when I told you you were going to die. I’m certainly glad that didn’t have to happen.”

“Actually, Richard, it did,” Locke said, as they began to walk off.

Back in time: Chang came to the security room and gave instructions to evacuate the island and saw the scene of Sawyer’s torture. Radzinsky said the drilling work would happen as planned. Sawyer told Radzinsky to put all the women and children on a sub and get them off the island. Then Sawyer said that if he and Juliet could get on the sub, he’d tell Radzinsky anything he wanted to know. Radzinsky wanted a map showing exactly where Kate and Jack could be found.

Meanwhile, Kate wanted to leave Jack and the group and one of Eloise’s men pulled a gun on her. She said they weren’t in the habit of sharing their secrets with people and letting them wander off. Kate kept walking and there were two gunshots. Eloise’s gunman fell to the ground, and Sayid rose from the nearby bushes with a gun in hand.

Jack explained to Sayid the plan to blow up the bomb to change things, but Sayid thought he already changed things by killing Young Ben. Kate told Sayid that she and Juliet saved Young Ben. Jack started talking about destiny, and Kate said he was sounding like someone she didn’t identify by name. “Because he was crazy, too, Jack. You said so yourself,” she told him.

Jack thought maybe he was wrong. Kate said he was right, and she headed off to find the rest of their people, “because if I can’t stop you, then maybe they can.”

Miles, Jin and Hurley watched from a distance as women and children were put on the sub. Miles watched Chang, his father, shouting at his mother to leave as she held Baby Miles in her arms. They wondered why Sawyer and Juliet were getting on the sub, but Hurley said Sawyer would have a plan. Sawyer joked with Juliet about how they can buy Microsoft with money they win by betting the Cowboys in the ’78 Super Bowl. He apologized for not listening to Juliet when she wanted to get on the sub three years ago.

“Why’d you talk me out of it?” she asked.

He said nothing and let her get on first. As Sawyer stepped onto the sub, he turned toward the island and said, “Good riddance.”

Alpert plunged into the river because they had to swim under the rocks to get to a passage of tunnels. Eloise and Sayid showed up next. “Alright,” Eloise said. “Let’s get started.”

Back to the future: Locke, Alpert and Ben showed up at the village on the beach. Alpert wanted to take Locke to see Jacob the next morning, but Locke wanted to go immediately. Locke wanted to talk to the whole group. He introduced himself and told the group he wanted to see Jacob and thought that people taking orders from Jacob should see him. He told Sun that Jacob would be able to tell them how to bring Jin back in time.

“I’m starting to think John Locke is going to be trouble,” Alpert told Ben.

“Why do you think I tried to kill him?” Ben replied.

Back in time: Sawyer told Juliet that once they docked, wherever they docked, they’d be free. Sawyer and Juliet had just exchanged “I love yous” when one more person was brought on to the sub. It was Kate, and she sat right across from Sawyer, so he could conveniently see both Juliet and Kate at the same time.

The boat shoved on and plunged into the ocean.

Sayid and Jack walked through the tunnels and Sayid warned Jack that Eloise’s effort to help them detonate the bomb was that it would eliminate the Dharma Initiative. Jack said he still trusted her, “because 30 years from now, she’s going to tell us how to get back to the island.”

“And that makes you trust her?” Sayid asked.

They arrived at the bomb. “Well,” Eloise said. “Now what?”

Back to the future: Locke led his people across the beach on their voyage to meet Jacob. Ben told Locke that Alpert had “concerns” about the trip to meet Jacob. Ben said he could help Locke reconnect with his people, if that’s what Locke wanted to do. Locke said that wasn’t why he was going to see Jacob.

Locke said he was going to see Jacob so that he could kill him.


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